5 Ways to Effectively Communicate with Your House Cleaning Service

5 Ways to Effectively Communicate with Your House Cleaning Service

Hiring a service for house cleaning in La Mesa is important for many homeowners, especially when they have a lot of things they need to handle daily. However, what is more, essential is to have a healthy relationship with the cleaner to avoid arguments and misunderstandings that can have you looking for a new housekeeper. As a homeowner, you can achieve this by having a great line of communication with them, and here are five ways to just that.

  1. The start matters

It is important to clear out the basics with your house cleaner by asking questions the first time the two of you meet. This includes discussing the services you need and they provide along with the products they use and the kind you prefer in your house. Doing so will give a great start to a communicative relationship.

  1. Talk the good and bad

Communication is the key to any relationship and one between homeowners and cleaners is no different. It is vital to communicate the good and the bad to your house cleaner to let them know where they can improve or truly make them feel appreciated. Some cleaners or cleaning services may even ask for feedback from you over time.

  1. Be communicative

Continuing from the previous point, as homeowners, you need to keep open communication between you and the cleaner. You can achieve this through text messages, phone call, notes, email, or face-to-face conversations. This can be done whether you have a remark on their work or need them to do something more. Doing so will help the two of you understand one another better.

  1. Extra requests, extra costs

Sometimes you may end up wanting help with something that your house cleaner does not usually do. Now, you can get all the help you need but be prepared to pay extra. Having this conversation is important, preferably during the first day, to avoid any confusion. This way your cleaner will be prepared for doing the extra work.

  1. The ‘tip’-ping Point

Like any other service, house cleaning calls for tips, as well. The rate is on par with the industrial standard of 10-20%. You can choose to give tip at the end of each cleaning or during the holidays. Regardless of when you do, it is vital to give tips if you want high-quality service and a cleaner that stays with you for a longer period.

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House cleaning services can improve the lives of many homeowners who want a spic and span house and someone’s help with this. Finding the right cleaner can be a blessing to many. However, retaining them and getting the most value depends on how well you communicate with and treat them.