Your Dream Honeymoon On A Budget: 6 Tips To Help You Save

Your Dream Honeymoon On A Budget: 6 Tips To Help You Save

Planning your dream honeymoon can bring you both – the most heavenly feels and the most stressed feels. You know it’s going to be your once-in-a-lifetime experience. You just cannot afford anything messing up, especially not your bank account. You’re going to really need it!

So, here we have some hacks for you. Below we have compiled six effective tips, which could help you enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams but at a budget. 

Plan Your Budget Mile to Mile

Firstly, get this very clear in your head: planning is everything. If you are to make the most of your honeymoon, you have to know the answers to:

  • Where will you go?
  • When will you go?
  • How much will you spend (both time and money)? 
  • How much additional amount will you keep?

Now, by planning, we do not mean you should have a definite, one-word answer to each of these questions. It will only make your honeymoon planning even more vague and boring.

To keep the excitement element alive, keep a range of options. For example, when deciding where you will go? You should have a definite answer to the countries and cities that you are going to visit. However, for the places within the cities, we recommend researching all your potential options. Shortlist a few options for each mood and calculate associated expenses. Keep the allowance in your budget but do not nail it to your schedule. Your honeymoon should be lighthearted and at will rather than a fixed schedule. The same applies to other aspects. 

Book Early

Once you have your mind cleared out, you will know what to do. And this will make arranging things beforehand super easy.

If you know which city you are going to or which area within the city interests you the most, you can conveniently pick a nearby hotel or resort to book. It will automatically solve a lot of your worries. With an anchoring point in mind (in a foreign land), it will be easier and more practical for you to dream and plan your potential excursions with your spouse.

Moreover, if you’ve decided early about the hotel or resort that appeases you most, you can book it early too. Early bookings often come with a lot of benefits, such as discounts, freebies, complementary services, welcome trips, and packages, etc. Both these aspects help to save big on budget. 

You won’t be switching between places because the first hotel you tried didn’t quite please you enough. An informed decision will save you from such losses.

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Opt for the Right Season

Another domain of planning is the season. Usually, most honeymoon destinations are super crowded during December, January, and February. We do not recommend booking resorts and flights for these seasons as the fares are at their peak. Instead, you should make bookings for April, May, or even June. These are the rainy months with the lesser crowd around.

Subscribe to the Newsletters & Updates

If you’ve got the privilege to plan your honeymoon early, a great strategy for spending the right amount is to keep an eye on all your options. Subscribe to the newsletters of honeymoon destinations, resorts, and hotels. Keep yourself updated with what discounts are coming up, what deals are being offered, what’s the average rate for things, etc.

Book a Flight for the Week

One quick way of saving a significant amount is to book your flights for the week. On average, a flight for Saturday or Sunday will cost you more than one during the weekdays. In the U.S., it is a bit different. Flights booked for Friday and Sunday cost more than those of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You could use the saved money on your experiences at the actual venue. Or you could use it to upgrade, i.e., switch to a better airline.

Don’t Rush

Your honeymoon should be everything but a status symbol. It should be everything but a show-off. So, when planning your honeymoon, quit the worries associated with society.

Quit worrying about what they will think if you don’t head out on your honeymoon immediately after the wedding ceremony. Quit worrying about whether your honeymoon is grand enough for your audiences or not. There should be no audience!

Instead, take your time and prioritize your wants. If taking time off from your work doesn’t suit you now, you can postpone your honeymoon to a later time of your wedding year. If your bank account doesn’t permit heavy expenditure right now, but you want nothing less than an exotic Bali honeymoon, then you can schedule it for later.

Society and peer pressure often lead to unnecessary and foolish expenditure. If you truly want a dream honeymoon without wasting money, then it’s your will and circumstances that you’ve to respect.

Final Thoughts

Summing up, when the word planning pairs up with honeymoon, half of your money is saved right there. You’re already on a budget dream honeymoon. However, taking care of the details like those mentioned above can help you maximize your savings. So, keep a keen eye!