Ikea Family Card And Discounts

Ikea Family Card And Discounts

Ah Ikea, you weird yet wonderful place, how I love thee. I won’t go down the ‘let me count the ways’ route right now because y’know…the kettle is boiling and tea waits for no man husband.

But Ikea, your Family Card is brilliant and I will count the ways in which I love that. As someone renovating a home and spending a lot of time in your store picking out kitchens and much more I really, really appreciate your Family Card.

Ikea Family and Student Member

Free Ikea Insurance

I love that when I swipe my Ikea Family Card at the checkout I get product free insurance which covers transit home and assembly. Obviously there are some terms surrounding this which you can read more about here. We’ll be purchasing an Ikea kitchen which obviously means quite a significant amount of money to be handed over, so it’s great to know we have this peace of mind should something go wrong.

Ikea Family Cardholders

Currently, our local Ikea restaurant is serving up lamb shanks in mint sauce with mashed potatoes to Ikea Family Cardholders for just £2.95 rather than the regular price of £5.25. Delicious!

Ikea Live

If you’re an Ikea Family member you’ll find your copy of Ikea Live magazine pop through your door 4 times a year. Usually, freebie magazines are nothing to write home about but Ikea Live is a definite exception. Filled with beautiful design ideas, along with tips and tricks – this magazine is well worth a read and as good as many interiors magazines you’ll stump up nearly a fiver for.

Free Tea or Coffee

Tea or coffee is free in the restaurant Mon-Fri with an Ikea Family Card.

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15% off Solar Panels

Switch to solar panels via Ikea and you can see a 15% discount from the normal price which is quite a hefty chunk! This is definitely something we’re thinking of doing in the second stage of our renovation.

Discount breakfast

In our local Ikea restaurant, you can grab a 6 item breakfast for £1.50 (normal price £2.25) or a 9-time breakfast for £2.25 (normal price £2.75) if you present your Ikea Family Card (Mon-Fri until 11 am).

IKEA Student Discount

10% off for students

If you’re a student make sure you’re signed up for an Ikea Family card to get 10% off your purchases. Check out your local Ikea’s websites for details.

Ikea Family range of products

The Ikea Family range of products can range from weird to inspired but we’ve found the items to be well made and picked up a few bits and bobs as useful gifts over the years.

Ikea Discount Gifts

If you’re shopping in Ikea you’ll often notice an item you want to purchase is discounted and has a little Ikea Family Card picture next to it. This means the discount only applies if you use your Ikea Family Card at the till. We managed to pick up our bed with a hefty discount thanks to this.

You can apply for your card in-store or online for free, it only takes about 30 seconds. If you apply in-store you can print out a temporary card so you can feel the benefits whilst waiting for your permanent card to arrive!