Why I Love Flasks

Why I Love Flasks

One of the simplest ways to save a chunk of cash each month, without too much effort, is to make your lunch at home and take it in with you rather than dining out or buying something ready made. However as we draw into the winter sandwiches get old and they do nothing for the cold…ooh look, I ‘as dun a rhyme! Here at Thrifty Towers we have 5 flasks, which might seem slightly batty for two people but they’re so useful you can hush yo’ gums. We have two food flasks (these are a real investment but so worth it when you cost it out per use), so we can each take one to work, a large liquids flask with a dispenser nozzle (this one, from a charity shop) which is endlessly useful for days out and camping and these two seriously amazing tartan flasks which I  found in a charity shop and first showed you way back in 2010 – how good is that entire set? Can I get a swoon? Of a weekend when Mr Thrifty is home he will boil the kettle in the morning and fill up a flask with hot water which he can help himself to throughout the day without the cost of boiling the kettle again and again. It’s a small trick but it really works.

How to clean a thermos flask

If you’re buying a vintage flask or wanting to freshen up one at the back of your cupboard you might have some difficulties when it comes to getting it squeaky clean. A great way to clean a flask is to pop in a teaspoon (or two if it is a large flask) of bicarbonate of soda before filling half way with hot water, put the lid on and give it a shake then stand it in a sink (or even outside) as you gently loosen the lid. Leave to fizzle for 3-4 hours before slowly removing the lid and cleaning the inside with a bottle brush. A couple of other ways to clean a flask include using a denture tablet or sterilising tablets or liquids – so if you happen to have any of those on hand opt for those. And a good wipe around with white distilled vinegar won’t do them any harm.

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