Why Do Couples Quarrel in IKEA?

Usually, everything begins peacefully and calmly: you and your partner grab a bite, beat each other with plush sharks, and sniff all the scented candles. However, at some moment you understand that a good mood is over, and you are ready to start quarreling in the middle of IKEA. Interestingly, psychologists find quite logical explanations for conflicts, which we are going to review below.

People are manipulated in different ways

Shopping in IKEA can become a test for couples since sellers use different tricks to boost sales. Seeing ready-made options for rooms, customers imagine how great it will be to sit at the same table and cook in a similar kitchen, and they come up with numerous home date ideas. The easier it is to imagine yourself in such an interior, the higher the likelihood of an unplanned purchase and budget disputes. Many of the influences are subconscious, and even if people realize that they are being manipulated, they are unable to resist it because the brain cannot handle it properly. For this reason, people relax and unleash emotions as if they are already at home, it is about mutual nit-picking as well.

Anxiety is complemented by fatigue, thus, anger appears

The store is overloaded with related products and labyrinths that require additional concentration. Buyers become tired of wandering around the shop and take it out on each other. The design of IKEA is fraught with stress,  frustration, and fatigue. Even if, under the usual circumstances, couples are aware of their tastes and can compromise, here, most likely, they will stand their ground to the last and feel that their desires are treated without due respect.

You may have different tasks

Each of you has their own goals for shopping: you might just want to buy a couple of items for the kitchen, but the partner wants to view all the details of the interiors. For the same reason, the distribution of responsibilities in the shopping team also varies: one in tandem can gather trinkets, while the second one tries to not go beyond predetermined limits, and this also affects the internal state of the couple while walking on IKEA. Too many choices affect partners as much as the  difference in priorities. The store is filled with furniture from different price categories and materials, due to which there are hundreds of unresolvable dilemmas: whether you should buy the linen from satin or cotton, whether you should choose a wooden bed or metal one, plush shark or rat.

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You can meet the challenges

So, the main problems that couples face in IKEA are the following.

  • The atmosphere, which makes you feel at home;
  • Confusion in planning and overloading of perception;
  • The difference in approaches to shopping;
  • Too many choices.

All of them equally annoy both partners and bring to a boiling point. Now let’s look at what you can do to avoid conflict.

Plan your shopping

Study the shop’s product range on the site, if possible. Discuss which departments you will visit for sure and where there is no way this time. Remember that IKEA has a hidden navigation system with which you can quickly go to one point, bypassing unnecessary ones.

Make a shopping list

Do this consciously: if you decide to buy large furniture or even several big items, do not stay for too long in the accessories section, and vice versa. This will make it easier for you to concentrate on finding more important products. Besides, you can accurately understand what kind of accessories you need only by assembling the furniture and arranging it around the room.

Remember the principle: from large to small

It arises from the previous point: first, move through large sections and only then move on to the area with small trinkets. The same rule applies for purchases: first, priority products, then related products.

Plan your budget

Agree in advance how much you will spend on this shopping and allow yourself a deviation of no more than 10% of the total plan.