Why Asking a Friend to Click Wedding Photos is a Bad Idea?

Why Asking a Friend to Click Wedding Photos is a Bad Idea?

So, have you decided to ask your best friend to be your wedding photographer? And you have reasons for the same. He has an expensive, latest camera and had been requesting for a year to do his favorite job. Maybe your wedding seems to be his first passion project. For you, it is nothing but a money-saving idea, and what is cooler than your best friend capturing the best moments of your day. 

If you ask us, we will frankly state that this isn’t a good idea. Friends are fabulous, but it doesn’t mean they should be clicking pictures on your big day. Here are the solid reasons why we think you should consider a wedding photographer for your important day. 

  • A friend will get busy socializing, but a professional will be aware of his job. 

You cannot blame your friend, but it is purely a social gathering for him. He might get busy chatting with the rest of the gang and might forget to click a few moments. But a professional will be on his duty all the time and has no time to chat with anyone. He is present at your wedding to click moments specifically, and you cannot expect any irresponsible behavior from his side. 

  • A friend cannot produce flawless photos, but a professional can. 


Has your friend done any wedding photography in the past? We do not say clicking a few photos but creating a complete wedding album. If no, then you are assigning your crucial task to a novice person who simply knows how to handle a camera but does not know how to click the best moments. On the other side, a professional is proficient in clicking the best images, and he will edit them and submit it to you. 

  • A friend might not charge, but paying a professional is kind of a wedding investment.

Your friend might gift you his photography talent on your wedding day. You need to be grateful, but this isn’t the right kind of gift. You might save money, but you will not be fully happy to check your wedding photos. But when you hire claims Lains barn wedding photographer and evaluate his work, you will be proud that it was worth all the money. So, please do not be stingy or try to adopt a money-saving approach when it comes to your wedding photography. It is your happy and big day, and you should be willing to spend on a talented photographer.

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In short, if your friend has asked to click your wedding photos, smile at them and refuse them in the sweetest possible manner. And finally, hire an experienced wedding photographer and seek the best work!