Where To Buy Vinegar In The UK

Where To Buy Vinegar In The UK

I’m a vinegar fiend, we here at Thrifty Towers use it for so many purposes I’d find it hard to count each and every one. Mostly, as documented on this blog I use vinegar for cleaning and whenever I post about using it I’m swamped with comments, emails and tweets asking where you can buy vinegar in larger quantities in the UK.Most supermarkets sell white distilled vinegar (I do use other types but it is mostly this type I’m referring to in my posts unless I state otherwise) in 100ml glass small bottles. And when I contacted Sainsbury’s in 2010 they emailed me back to say they had no plans to change the size of bottle they sell or to stock larger sizes. Psssh. As such I tend to avoid buying vinegar from supermarkets purely because the price point doesn’t work for me. Whilst buying the small bottles still works out cheaper than buying conventional cleaning products the difference is only marginal.

Where To Buy Bulk Quantities Of Vinegar In UK

My advice for buying large quantities of vinegar in the UK is to head to large Chinese and Asian supermarkets, cash and carry warehouses or Costco. I tend to pick up the large 5L bottles at around £3.50-£4 and decant into various spray bottles which I have dotted around the house.

Occasionally I’m able to find 500ml spray bottles of white vinegar in cheap-y shops. You know the kind of shop which is locally owned and not quite a pound shop but nothing costs over, oooh £2.89? They come in handy when I’m running low on my stocks and can’t guarantee a trip to Costco or Wing Yip in the next few weeks.

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Recently I noticed a Dri Pak vinegar spray bottle with 50% extra free, coming in at 750ml (the bottle above) reduced to 75p in one such ‘cheap-y shop’. So I bought 3 and stashed them away. Oh and the bottles are really nice for reusing because the labels peel off easily – jeeze I know I’m easily pleased, huh?

You can buy vinegar online from several websites but usually unless you’re buying huge amounts (50 litres) the shipping ends up bumping up the price to a stupid level. I have however bought a few times from eBay and found some good deals such as 20 litres of white vinegar for £19.99 with free p&p but the deals are few and far between online.