Where To Buy Cheap Candles

Where To Buy Cheap Candles

Is that candle habit of yours causing your meagre bank balance to grumble? Here’s where I buy cheap (but decent) candles.

Best Place To Buy Candles


When it comes to scented candles I want something which will keep its scent along with avoiding that crappy air freshener scent. Certain synthetic scents make me feel sick or give me a terrible headache and those triggers are different for each person. I prefer to opt for very fresh scents or warming winter-y scents. Anything too summery or spring-flora gives me a sore throat within 0.4 seconds. I often pick up small fruit scented (not too sweet smelling) candles in small glass bevelled jars for around £1.99 in both B&M and Home Bargains. Some of them smell revolting (so give them a good sniff before buying) but some are subtle enough and the scent continues throughout the entire burn.

TK Maxx and Home sense always have a fantastic selection of candles in store, although their online selection is very limited. Their multi-wick candles made by a company (they seem to use a few different names but operate from the same address) from Charleston (check the bottom) are fantastic quality, with subtle but amazing scents and a good even burn. I also really like Lily Flame Candles too, I see them in a lot of local gift shops for about £10, however I pick them up on eBay for about £7 a pop and they are frankly amazing….if you pick the right scent.

Another company I like for value and a great range of scents is Candlewick Greens, their website is a bit old school but I’ve really enjoyed the candles I’ve had from them.

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1. Ikea’s Tindra Candle
2. Fresh Linen Pillar Candle
3. Spiced cranberry scented candle
4. Boutique Pomegrante and Amber Candle
5. Citrus and ceaderwood candle
6. Apple and Elderflower Scented Small Pot Candle

Regular Candles

I like to only burn one scented candle at a time and opt for regular candles to create the glow, ambience and warmth I enjoy. Ikea are always great price wise (has anyone ever left that shop without tea lights?) but their burn times aren’t the very best. The bargain shops often have great deals on pillar candles but they tend to sell taper/dinner candles in only small numbers so the price isn’t always the best value even if they seem like a good deal.

7. 10 pack of votive candles
8. Ivory lighting tapers
9. Large pillar candles
Was £3.00 now £2.40
10. 4 votive candle set
11. Candle in glass jar
12. White tapered dinner candles (50)
If you’re a candle snob and into the likes of Jo Malone and Diptyque then try the following – which whilst still expensive they are certainly a darn sight cheaper than the prices you might be familiar with.