What You Should Hire an Appliance Repair Service For

What’s the longest amount of time one of your appliances has lasted? 10-15 years is a good range. You can typically expect this much service life from a gas stove, which is known to last longer than other appliances.

However, sometimes wear and tear can phase your appliances, especially with extensive use and less maintenance.

This doesn’t mean that it’s all up to you to fix your appliances. In fact, here are some of the main reasons to avoid DIY attempts and hire an appliance repair service instead.

1. Safety

Safety is a priority with any project, and with appliances, DIY attempts often overlook safety protocols.

Appliances are powerful machines with intricate electrical work that makes them tick. This means that when they’re damaged, repairs often involve fixing this electrical work which can be a significant hazard to anyone without electrical knowledge.

In short, you could be electrocuted if you make one wrong move, especially with water appliances such as your washing machine or dishwasher. Damaged electrical work can be highly dangerous.

2. Keeping Your Warranty Valid

You need a professional to accurately assess the damage and perform the repair so that the warranty on your appliance remains valid.

Performing DIY repair can void the warranty because this type of repair is not guaranteed to maintain the appliance’s function.

When you check your warranty you’ll want to consider three factors:

  1. Factors that void warranty
  2. Age of the appliance
  3. Wear and tear definitions

Make sure you check your warranty. Remember, making any DIY attempts to fix your appliance can void the warranty.

3. Assessing the Scope of Repair

You might not be able to detect the real issue with your appliance. For instance, if your stove is working but your oven isn’t, the problem could be more varied than you think.

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While the issue could just be a damaged wire in your oven, it could also be a larger problem with the control board, sensor, internal fuse, or thermostat.

Either way, it’s difficult to assess the scope of the repair process without professional knowledge. If you misread the issue, you could risk spending more money on unnecessary equipment or a completely new oven.

You can visit generalappliancesvc.com to learn more about the typical repair service for each various appliances. Many appliance issues are common with consumers and have straightforward methods of repair.

4. Appliance Repair Service Cost Estimates

In addition to explaining the scope of repair, a professional can provide you with a quote on how much the repair will cost.

These cost estimates are written and plain so you can see honest costs that you and the professional agree upon.

Professionals can also recommend the appropriate materials for the job how much they cost. This is particularly handy because older appliances may have vintage parts that are difficult to identify.

If you attempted DIY repair, you’d have to know which parts are compatible with your appliance, how much they cost, and where to find them.

An Appliance Repair Service Is a Long-term Fix

When you hire an appliance repair service, you can find long-term solutions to issues with your appliances.

While DIY methods may seem quick and simple it’s easy to make all the wrong moves with your tools and your money.

If you’re still looking for a DIY project, there’s lots of other projects out there to try. Check out more articles on the site to find some you like!