What Went Wrong in Your Plastered Walls?

What Went Wrong in Your Plastered Walls?

The cracks, spoilt walls or the damaged structure, we have all seen them! These issues often occur in your plastered walls and are nothing short of a headache for you. Even one such problem can lead to your walls giving away too soon (not to mention the fact that it spoils the aesthetics!). But do you know what causes these issues? It’s often something that went extremely wrong in your plastering process!

 Where Exactly Can You Go Wrong in Your Plastering Process?

It’s normal to try doing the plastering job on your own! But we recommend you to always contact a good plasterer in Kent, DH White Plastering can do the job perfectly for you without any mistakes and errors. And obviously even the end results then would be absolutely top-notch. But in case, you are doing the same on your own, then mostly you’ll commit the below listed mistakes that spoil the entire game for you:

  • Lack of preparation— They say, if you aren’t preparing well, then you are preparing to fail! So, the biggest mistake that you did while plastering your walls is, missing the essential preparations! If you didn’t scrape off the previous layer before applying the fresh coat, or didn’t level or dry the surface properly, then your mission of plastering your wall is certainly going to go down! So, always dedicate an entire day or two (if the wall is really wet) before plastering the walls.
  • Low quality or wrong tools — We call it logic! What happens when you use wrong or low quality tools to carry out a certain task? Like wearing worn out shoes for a workout or driving a normal car in your sports event! You know the materials aren’t appropriate and that’s why even the results would be far from perfect. While a good quality and perfect set of tools helps you carry out the task immaculately. So, now you may have understood what went wrong in your plastering process?
  • Rushing to complete the job — Well, we all know that slow and steady wins the race. And this message fits really well in a plastering job. If you are calm and patient and carry out the entire work steadily, then obviously even the end result would be great. But mostly amateurs rush to finish the job fast and that’s why the walls aren’t levelled, the plaster isn’t proper, and even the mixing process gets compromised – crux: an uneven and damaged surface.
  • Using the leftover or old plaster — You are carrying out the plastering job on your own to save money. It’s understandable. But using the old plaster for a new surface and a fresh plastering job to save some money isn’t logical. It’s a drastic mistake and the end result would be a dried wall which would be damaged easily within a few weeks.
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Well, now that you are aware of what would have gone wrong in your plastering job, we hope that you will avoid it at all costs the next time you carry out the task. But again, remember, you aren’t an expert. And an amateur is destined to make some mistake or the other which results in a poor and damaged plaster on the surfaces! Solution? Call the experts!