What to do in Hong Kong? Your Guide To Top Things To Do in HK

What to do in Hong Kong? Your Guide To Top Things To Do in HK

Hong Kong is one of the most notable tourist attractions in Asia. It has a rich multinational culture inherited from the British, as evident in its international cuisine, which is simply world class. Many consider the island a gourmet paradise, and its enchanting neighborhoods are a sensory feast. It takes no time to go with the city’s flow as you perch on a double-decker tram which part of the city’s history, being there at the horse races at the city center or simply lazily gazing at the harbor.

Things To Do In Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a vast expanse of sprawling country parks and mountains, some of which are homes to historical and geological gems. Here are some things to do in Hong Kong to discover the city’s splendor that has several irresistible attractions for tourists, many of which are historical landmarks and buildings. Start your tour with the Hong Kong City Hall.

Hong Kong City Hall

 The Hong Kong City Hall is a performance venue with various cultural programs of diverse nature, from operas to dramas and music concerts. To enjoy Chinese culture’s true essence, you must witness some programs of classical Chinese concerts or some local musical program. Although most shows are in Chinese, the performances are so emotive that it should not be a problem to follow the subtle interactions between actors by understanding their body language. To track upcoming events, you follow the official website of the City Hall.

PMQ Night Market

In its earlier form, the PMQ was a police marriage quarter that was converted into a studio complex to allow artisans and craftsmen to showcase their creations and get opportunities for monetizing the products. The Hong Kong Market Organization holds the PMQ Night market once a month that consists of bazaars, drinks, and live music.  The bazaars provide a platform for your craftsmen, designers, and artisans to promote their products and sell them. As you stroll around, sellers, mostly in their early 20s, would pursue you closely and make all efforts to make you buy some of their products that have the distinctive marks of local culture and tradition. 

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The Peak

The Peak is the most spectacular view of the city from where you can see the stunning panorama of the vibrant city, which is nothing short of a feast for your eyes. The fantastic view of the Victoria Harbor will leave you breathless, and the distant view of the New Territories, together with the city skyline crowded with skyscrapers, will appear to be a surreal sight.  Take a Peak Tram to have the most captivating views of the city from the most hard-to-find angles as the vehicle slowly climbs up the terrain.  But first, on arriving at the Peak, go to Sky Terrace 428, the sightseeing platform where you can view the incredible panoramic view of the city dotted with skyscrapers. 

Try the local cuisine at Sing Heun Yuen, the world-renowned open-air food stalls that will give you a peek into the world of the gentry who are busy savoring the signature dishes.