Soiled underwear

Really you’d think it would be pick common sense but apparently not a day goes by where people dealing with charitable trust for donations don’t have to deal with crusted up knickers and flaky, tangled tights. Who does this? Who?

Broken toys

Sometimes it isn’t obvious to care someone who isn’t familiar with a particular toy if parts are missing or broken. If a broken toy could in anyway endanger a child then it is safer not to donate in charities.

Faulty electrical or battery operated goods

If they don’t work for you how do you expect them to work with someone else? Most local charity shops won’t be able to sell them anyway. If you do think some organizations clever soul could tinker with them maybe advertise them on eBay reviews but label very clearly as strictly for parts. EDIT- I have been informed that some charity shops will accept faulty electical goods because they have repair contracts and sell in events. However please, please check if this is the case before donating because a great many don’t and will have to incur charges to dispose of these items.

Unwashed clothes

Please just whizz them around in the washing machine and dry the clothes before you donate them. Yes many charity shops are glad of them even if unwashed, ripped or in bad repair (many sell them onto fabric banks either way) however I’d be thoroughly ashamed to donate dirty clothes (or dirty anything.) Sarah, one of the girls I spoke to said her charity shop makes money from selling on fabric items which can’t go on to the shop floor. A lot of their time is taken up sorting through these items so if you do intend to donate badly ripped, stained or holey textiles they’ll be very grateful of them, but they’d love you even more if you put it in a separate bag and label it ‘RAG MAN’ – they’ll know what to do with it.

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Sex Toys

No, just no. According to both the women I spoke to (who work in different charity shops) they have to deal with used ‘goodies’ at least once a week. What the actual frick?

Car Seats

If a car seat (children/baby etc.) has been involved in an accident it should no longer be used as it is no longer safe. Who is to know if a second hand car seat has been involved in an accident or not?