What Makes a Bargain a Bargain?

What Makes a Bargain a Bargain?

Do you know what? If I could wear gold shoes everyday I would and that is why these shoes were a wise style investment for me. But for a lot of women they’d snap them up in the sale because they’re pretty and they’d end up buried in the back of their wardrobe. Please excuse the packing mess in the background.

I bought these shoes in the New Look sale a few years ago for £3. Yes, you read that right, £3, brand new. Mr Thrifty said I’d never wear them but how wrong was he? I’ve worn them at least once a month (not counting months featuring broken toes) since then. What’s not to love about glittery gold platforms?

Is it wrong that I’m wearing my £3 gold shoes just slob out on my bed, watching Outnumbered (which I’ve only just discovered and LOVE) because my poor sore toe won’t allow me to walk in them? Today I’m  changing into boring, comfy flats to walk because my toe would protest too much but usually I’d pull off a full day in them without feeling any pain.

A lot of us will stop and think about how many times we’ll wear something if it is expensive but do you do it if the item is cheap? That £3 is better in your pocket than in the cash till of a shop if you are never going to wear it or you’re unsure about it. If most of us count up the cheap items in our wardrobe with tags still on, it would add up to quite a significant amount of money. Money that could pay your rent, feed your family, pay off that credit card or buy you a classic item of clothing that you know you’ll wear forever more.

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I knew I’d get good wear out of the gold shoes, I knew they’d go with a lot of my clothes and could be worn to lots of different occasion. I’ve made the mistake of going mad on lots of low priced items in sales before. I’d come out with six bags full of stuff and 95% of it would be relegated to the ‘dear God woman, what were you thinking?’ drawer within weeks. So now, no matter how cheap and cheerful the item I’m holding up to myself in a shop, I make a decision about how useful the item is going to be to me, what it will go with and on kind of occasion I can wear it.

I don’t need that grey and green paisley dress, I wouldn’t have looked twice at it when it was selling at full price so why the hell do I need it now it is 25% off? I only consider a cheap item a bargain if I can wear it more than three times (happily) and picture myself wearing it with at least three other pieces I already own.

Repeat these words to yourself, make it a mantra ‘A bargain is only bargain if it is useful…’ record yourself saying it and repeat it on a loop whilst you sleep.

How do you decide if something is a bargain?

Gold platforms £3 New LookFloral tights £1 Primark


P.S. Have you had any high street bargains recently?