What is an Intuitive Consultant?

What is an Intuitive Consultant?

A intuitive consultant could be an Intuitive Coach, Intuitive Manager, Intuitive Therapist or Intuitive Life Coach.


This is the “second oldest profession in the world” for intuitively accessing information in ways beyond ordinary reality. This ability has been called many things, including oracles and shamen, seers, mediums, psychics, and simply intuitive consultants.

In some cultures, they have been granted positions of authority and power. Others have seen them relegated to the margins of social relevance. They have always been a controversial group. Because knowledge is power, “inside” knowledge can also be perceived in ways that raise fears, even if they are disguised.

The intuitive consultants/psychics of today have made great strides. The road has not been an easy one. The Senate used to require that laws could not be passed in the days of Imperial Rome unless the official oracles were consulted. However, being an “oracle”, in Salem, Massachusetts was a sure way of being charged with witchcraft.

Many great minds have expressed a strong interest psychic practices, including Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison and Carl Jung.

Benefits of Working With An Intuitive Consul

They won’t expect you to tell them your entire life story, unlike traditional therapists. The good psychic / intuitive consultants will “intuitively” identify opportunities that may be missed. To provide valuable insight into your daily life. You can gain insight that will help you see the alternatives and make better decisions in situations that are concerning you.

A consultant who is intuitive can help you to ease your fears or confirm your intuition about a situation.

One client shared his story: “I found consulting with an intuitive advisor beneficial when faced with impending surgery. I was able to ask questions about eye surgery and when it would be best to schedule the surgery. I also wanted to know how long the healing process would take. In my case, it was explained that I could have minor setbacks but nothing major and that the surgery would go well. It worked. It was also more comfortable for me to have surgery.”

Why consult with an Intuitive consultant?

Client Stories

Every day, we make decisions and consider choices – from the simple to the more complicated. What should I do about my house? What is missing from my annual business plan? Do I need to move my mother into a nursing facility? Is it a good idea to switch companies?

You might be launching a company or creating a marketing plan. You might want to consult a Business Intuitive consultant to gain insight and make informed decisions. It is also beneficial to understand the probability of the marketing plan that you are planning to implement as well as the possible outcomes.

Why not seek out an intuitive consultant instead?

We want to be able to make informed decisions!

Business owners and executives may be looking for intuitive insights about their businesses, what they should expect in the next year, and information on pressing issues.

There are Intuitive consultants who specialize in Personal Relationships and CounselingCareer Guidance and Grief, as well as lifestyle concerns. In this article, we will be focusing on a Business-Intuitive consultant.

An editor of a magazine shares her story.

“I came to Victoria with questions about the magazine publishing company, where I was editor. Everything looked great when we had just started the magazine. Victoria informed me that the magazine’s format was changing and that the editor would be replaced. The magazine would then be sold to a father with a girl attending a Swiss boarding school. This all sounded so poppycock to me. My skepticism was expressed in a very rude manner. After we published our eleventh magazine, the publisher decided to sell it to a man who wanted it to be a lifestyle magazine. Guess where he went to school? Switzerland!”

An owner of a business shares his story.

“I spoke with an intuitive business consultant who gave me the names of four investors that would make a half-million dollars in investment into my printing company. My intuitive consultant explained to me how each investor would invest and what the outcome would be. He also said that the investor would leave my company one year after signing a contract.

Amazingly, it all worked like a clockwork. My investor informed me one year later that he wanted to leave the company. I must admit, I was surprised that I wasn’t completely convinced. I was still able to look at the preview and consider other options.

There are many other stories I could tell about clients, but the important thing is that an intuitive business consultant can offer insight. This can stimulate new ideas and provide solutions for old problems.

What should you hope to achieve?

It’s a smart idea to prepare for your session before you book a session with an intuitive coach. You’re likely to spend an hour of your precious time and pay a handsome fee . It is important to prepare to make the most of your session .

Ask yourself what you want to accomplish, and then write down some questions you’d like to be answered. Although you don’t have to share your questions with the intuitive consultant in advance, it is a good idea to plan ahead as you may have time to ask additional questions.

While not everyone will need a list of questions to help them, it can be helpful to have a new perspective on your company, career, or relationships in order to see the future. You want to at least confirm your intuition.

Don’t be afraid of asking for clarification on the issues presented by your intuitive consultant.

Keep your mind open.

Your intuitive session’s quality will depend on how clear the psychic or intuitive consultant is, your current state of mine, and what your Higher Self or Higher Consciousness wants. How tuned in you are to the psychic or intuitive consultant and how well they can interpret your intuitive impressions will also affect the depth of the psychic or intuitive session.

How do Intuitive consultants work?

Each intuitive consultant has their own style, regardless of whether they are focusing on career, relationships, or business. Each person receives their extra-sensory perceptions in a different way. They interpret these flashes of insight and images based on their knowledge and experience.

This means that if an Intuitive consultant’s focus is on personal relationships, they might not be the best choice for you if your goal is to gain business insight.

Since over 20 years, my main focus has been on career and business consulting.

Have you ever heard of cold readings?

A cold reading is when an intuitive psychic or consultant relays their intuitions before answering any questions.

Ask your psychic or intuitive consultant to conduct a “cold” reading. This is all about the WOW factor. It is possible to find yourself wondering, “How did she know that?”

I prefer to begin a session with “cold readings”. Some of my spontaneous impressions make sense immediately to clients, while others may take weeks or even months to make sense. This is what I consider the beauty of intuitive sessions. All of us are looking for the golden nugget that will propel us to our goals and help us succeed.

Others intuitive consultants might prefer to address your specific concerns or questions. There is no wrong or right way to have an intuitive consult. You do want to come away from a session with fresh insight and other options. Any insight you choose to accept should be used in conjunction with your own logic and facts.

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