What I Refuse To Scrimp On

What I Refuse To Scrimp On

Sometimes spending a bit more money will save you money in the long run. Searching out a good quality product and committing to some research time is well worth it with some items.

Good bra

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a cheap bra and walking around in a bad bra can cause you back problems in years to come. Underwire digging in, cheap fabric against delicate skin and straps causing all kinds of grief all day long, it’s more than just a little bit unpleasant isn’t it? Ensure you have yourself measured on a regular basis and buy the best bra you can afford. Search out sales and discount codes to grab a good deal and if you find the perfect bra  buy it in every colour  Plus good foundation garments can make even the cheapest of clothes sit better and appear far more elegant.

Winter boots

Sure, sometimes you can score a good deal or get lucky but in general winter boots are well worth an investment. I have a pair of boots I’ve owned for 7 years which have stood the test of time and worn really well. Opt for classic colours, good leather and easy to mend soles and heels and hopefully they’ll last you for year after year.

Home insurance

In my mind skipping home insurance is as daft as jumping out of a plane without a parachute; it’s simply something I’d never do. I’d rather spend a small amount on a monthly basis knowing I was covered should something happen. It’s well worth taking time to research what kind of cover you need and to talk to your insurer about your situation.

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Your back will thank you in the long run and not only that but you’ll have a far better chance of grabbing a good night of sleep. When it comes to choosing which mattress is right for you make sure you try out the mattress in person and ask the sales assistant which style of bed frame the mattress is best suited to. To try out a mattress lay down on it and try to slip your hand under the small of your back. If it slips in too easily, the mattress is too soft for you, however if it is impossible or a real struggle then the mattress is too firm.

Red wine

I really, really enjoy a glass or two of red and as such I just will not compromise.  I can tolerate cheap white plonk but not red, it tastes like vinegar to me. As such rather than buy a cheap bottle of red wine more often, I’d rather go without entirely and really relish and enjoy the occasional glass of delicious wine.