What Happens When You Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

What Happens When You Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

With all the talk about the benefits of switching to vaping and quitting cigarettes doing the rounds, did you know that the transformation actually beings the moment you quit smoking? If you are an inveterate smoker who has just quit, then you need to read the rest of the article to fully understand what can happen to your body, as a result of quitting cigarettes.

First 8 hours

Chances are that you have already started vaping, just as you quit smoking to get over your nicotine addiction. But that aside, in the first few hours of quitting cigarettes, your body should show immediate signs of improvement starting with the level of oxygen in your blood. It should be back up to near-normal levels; this happens because unlike regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not emit any carbon monoxide and therefore your blood returns to its normal levels.  Look up wax liquidizer online, if you want to know more about e-cigarettes. 

 24 hrs

It has been almost a day since you had quit smoking and in this time, your body has managed to detoxify itself and had gotten rid of all that carbon monoxide that was present in your body. This would provide your body with an opportunity to do some cleansing and to get rid of the carbon monoxide build up in your lungs along with the mucus. It may surprise you to learn that traditional cigarettes contain nearly 5000 toxins whereas e-cigarettes do not contain any. This could well be the reason as to why your body seems to be improving for the better ever since you quit smoking and started vaping.

48 hrs

It is soon going to be two days since you quit smoking and switched to vaping – by now, your respiratory system must have improved and along with it, your sense of taste as well. This is only possible since your body started working the various receptors located in your mouth and nose. And as a result, your various senses must seem sharper, and your taste, a lot better than it was, while you were smoking two packets a day.

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72 hrs

It is certainly an eye-opener of sorts for all those cigarette addicts – for the simple reason that they never imagined that their body would improve so much on quitting cigarettes. But what happens to be the truth; once you quit smoking and move on to vaping, your body should improve in various aspects- from lungs to nose. By this stage, you would notice that your lungs are increasingly clear of mucus and debris and therefore you can draw in the more fresh air, and as a result, experience high energy drive. All of this is possible because you quit smoking and moved on to vaping. Just Google “Jull pods, UK” and you should get an idea of what to opt for.

3 months

If you have managed to stay away from regular cigarettes and have made a permanent move to vaping – you would probably notice quite a few changes. You would probably notice that you do not experience shallow breathing any longer, that you can take deep breaths without any issue, your sense of smell, the taste has improved a lot and much more. These are indications that your body has detoxified itself and that you are now, essentially ‘clean’. Moreover, your lung now continues to function seamlessly without any issue and that’s mainly on account of quitting smoking.

5 years

If you had made a permanent break with smoking and moved onto vaping a long time back, then you would know that as a result of your habit, your risk of heart attacks, strokes have come down by nearly half. Moreover, your cardiovascular functions must have also improved and you can hold a deep breath in, for much longer than you would, while you were smoking. In other words, your lung capacity must have increased as well.

These are some of the things that you can expect when you quit smoking and take up vaping.