What Are Solar Kits?

Have you been thinking about going solar and wondering how to do it? 

Whether you’re looking to use more natural energy sources, are planning to go off-grid, or just need some power when you go camping, solar energy kits may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Keep reading to learn more about solar kits, what they are and where you can use them.

What Are Solar Panel Kits?

A solar panel kit includes everything you need to operate a solar power system. It usually includes solar panels and inverter (for homes), or solar panels and charge controller (in portable kits for camping, RVs, boats, etc).

Always do your research before buying any solar panel kits. Calculate your energy needs and read reviews on solar kits to make sure your solar package will meet your specific needs.

Home Solar System Kit

Solar panel kits for home are designed to power an entire house. They can be “grid-tied” for homes that have a primary energy source and are looking for a backup system. Or they can run completely “off-grid” as the sole energy source.

With a grid-tied kit, you don’t need a battery bank to store excess power. Any extra energy you generate and don’t use yourself is exported and sold to the utility grid system you are tied into. These kits usually just include the solar panels and an inverter.

If you going off-grid and aren’t tied into local utilities, you need a battery inverter and batteries, in addition to the panels. You need to both produce and store energy so you can access it any time you need it. 

Portable Solar Panel Kit

A 100-watt solar panel kit is small, portable, and easy to install. They are extremely convenient for camping and powering RVs and vans. Everything is packaged together so you have everything you need

Although they are smaller than a home solar panel, they are very effective at producing and storing energy. Portable kits usually include a battery storage system so you can store the energy and use it when you want.

A single 100-watt solar panel can power small devices such as LEDs, laptops, smartphones, and WiFi routers. Depending on how many items you are powering at the same time, a portable system can effectively power your devices for up to 24 hours.

Portable solar kits are available in different formats. They can be mounted to the roof of a small home, RV, or van. They can be folded up into a carrying case that is placed on the ground. Or, they can be hung on a vertical surface.

Easy Green Energy With Solar Kits

Solar kits make using solar energy easy and convenient. Whether you are going camping or you want to be self-sufficient and off-grid, solar energy can save you money and provide a reliable, steady power source.

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