Website Love: Approved Food

Website Love: Approved Food

Have you heard of Approved Food? Prick your ears up petal because this shiz is gonna get good babyeh. Uh yeah. Approved Food is a friend to anyone who likes a fab grocery bargain. It’s a website with more bargains than you can shake a stick out and here’s a quick run down of why I love it. The prices at Approved Food are really low, allowing you to save as much as 70% on your shopping. The prices are low because the products are approaching or have gone past their best before date. That sentence right there is enough to cause many to panic but fear ye not, no products are sold past their use by date but rather the best before date which is a manufacturer imposed date indicating when the product will be past ‘premium quality’ rather than a safety date or ‘gone off’.

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Whilst they do sell a selection of fruit and veg we have yet to try their selection however we find the site really useful for things like spices, pastes, dried food, crisps etc. and bits and bobs which we’re confident will last in the cupboard for a while. For a long time the idea of food being thrown away once they’d past this magical ‘best before’ date really annoyed me. The ability to buy past these dates allows us to exercise our common sense, cut food waste and eat on a budget. We don’t shop on the site every week but we will check it on a regular basis and a number of items in our cupboard have come to us after having a little peek through their stock. When mixed in sensibly with budget buys of fresh food from elsewhere we’re really happy.

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One of my friends with children says she finds Approved Food really useful stocking up for picnic bits and bobs for days out rather than shelling out a small fortune for fast food. Another friend who loves soups for lunch always stocks up on soups to take to work when her home made stocks have run low. I fully recommend signing up to the site to received their ‘Bargain Alert’ emails, which as their title might suggest alert you to bargains, because the great deals which slip into your email account are endlessly useful.

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What I particularly like about Approved Food is their social media presence. They’re very engaging and reply to queries really quickly and listen to what customers want. It’s great seeing a useful site really listen and help people. They also offer payment through Paypal which I know is the only option for a number of people when it comes to shopping online after a history of debt.

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Approved Food haven’t asked me to talk about them, I just really wanted to make you aware of them especially because I know quite a number of you are struggling to put food on the the table at the moment. I really hope this post can point you in the right direction and help you some how. The items featured in this post are items we’re about to add to our latest shop.