Ways To Save Money In The Shower

Ways To Save Money In The Shower

You can save money anywhere, even when you’re washing your fiddly bits. Try and save some money in the shower without making huge changes. In our new house we’re now on a water meter so we’re even more water conscious than before but water saving measures aren’t the only ways you can save money on when you’re getting wet Here are some simple ways to save money in the shower.


1. Use a Sponge or Gloves

I find applying shower gel or soap to a sponge or a pair of exfoliating gloves makes the product go further. Just slapping into your hand gives you the likihood of it washing straight out or slipping off your body quickly. A good pair of gloves (I get mine from Primark) allows you to lather for longer and to retain the lather somewhere when you’re rinsing body parts.

2. Men’s Shaving Gel

It’s so much cheaper I always opt for cheapo-peepo men’s shaving gel which costs next to nothing in comparison to stuff marketed towards women. Unless you’re buying specifically scented shower gel then there’s rarely any difference in scent and I’ve yet to find the formula any different. If you run out of shaving gel, conditioner works well but that can soon stack up price wise unless you’re buying super cheap hair conditioner just for your legs.

3. Turn the Shower Off

Get your body wet under the shower, turn the water off and lather up your shower gel and soap. Get everywhere clean then rinse off. I do the same for my shampoo too.

4. Use a Pump

I often pour shampoos and shower gels into pump dispensers so I don’t accidentally squeeze out too much product, plus it really regulates the amount you use. The best ones are I’ve found are the Soap and Glory shower gels in pumps  once you’ve finished the product inside make sure to keep the pump and decant shampoos or shower gels into them. You can also pick up pump dispensers in supermarkets  I often see them reduce to under 50p in bathroom aisles in the home section Sainsbury’s.

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5. Double Duty

If for example, you like to apply a facemask in the shower then make sure the time it takes to do its magic is used wisely, don’t just stand their aimlessly wasting water. If something takes time to work, make sure you’re filling that time with valuable activities rather than just standing under the hot water. I’ll apply a face mask as soon as I jump in the shower, then I’ll set about cleaning my body and using a body scrub before rinsing the mask off, shampooing my hair, applying conditioner and shaving my legs whilst the conditioner is doing its work.

6. Collect the Water

I collect the water from my last rinse in a small bucket and use it to flush the loo. Yup, I’m like that. I also use the water to wash away dog wee in the garden because it all seems to collect in one smelly little area.

7. Time your Shower

Grab an egg timer and set it for the recommended 4 minutes. You should be able to wash yourself more than adequately in this time and you’ll save money.

8. Upgrade your Shower Head

We don’t have a great shower head right now but as we’re planning re-do our bathroom in the next 6 months I’ve been researching eco shower heads and surprisingly they’re not all rubbish! Apparently modern eco shower heads allow for good pressure and a nice shower experience whilst saving water. These shower heads pulsate the water meaning you use around 1/3 less water per shower than the average shower head.

9. Claim Freebies

Most water providers offer freebies which you can claim for well free These range from elements to add to your shower head through to shower timers and gadgets which regulate how many litres of water can pass through your shower head per minute.