Water Blast Cleaning

Water Blast Cleaning

What does Water Blast Cleaning mean?

Water blast cleaning is a method for cleaning both internal and exterior surfaces. It relies solely on the force of water from a pressurized supply to achieve the desired cleaning effect. Water blast cleaning systems do not use harmful, toxic or abrasive chemicals.

Water blasting machines use high pressure water to create a concentrated stream of water. This water blasting machine includes the right nozzles and a pressure pump. The cleaning process may require enclosures to protect adjacent structures or areas from unwanted water spray and a collector or catcher of any blasted-off debris or contamination.

Hydroblasting is also known as water blasting. Water blast cleaning is now being used in many previously only possible applications with abrasive blasting.


Corrosionpedia explains Water Blast Cleaning

Water blasting, also known as hydroblasting, can remove tough dirt from difficult-to reach places or points safely and effectively. The results are similar to cleaning methods that use abrasives or cleaning agents. However, there is no dust or other health hazards. This allows workers to concentrate on their daily tasks in an environment that is safe.

Based on these operating pressures, water blasting operations can be classified as hydroblasting at high or ultra-high pressure.

  • High-pressure water blasting at high pressure – Pressures from 690 bar (10000 psi to 1,700 bar (25,000 psi),
  • Water blasting at ultra high pressure – Pressures greater than 1,700 bar (25,000 PSI)

Be careful when water blasting. A high-pressure water stream can cause injury to any animal or person it touches. Water blasting is also resistant to certain coatings, residues, and other dirt buildups.


Water Blasting in Auckland is a great cleaning tool for industrial, commercial, and domestic purposes.

  • You can focus the water stream on very small areas to remove certain coatings, but not damage nearby surfaces.
  • Water is less corrosive than other cleaning agents and can be used to clean.
  • There is less cleanup after blasting because the water will flow or dry up and there is no danger of clogging other equipment.

Water blasting machines can be rented at home improvement stores for small-scale or home use.