Waitrose Pure Beauty Balm Review

Waitrose Pure Beauty Balm Review

It may surprise you but Waitrose is a supermarket packed to the brim with bargains and the superb quality makes those bargains all the better. A few weeks back on a trip to my local store I had a sniff around the beauty aisle and came home with a Waitrose own brand beauty product, namely Waitrose Pure Beauty Balm.


  • “Waitrose Pure Beauty Balm
  • Natural care for sensitive skin. Fragrance Free. 99% naturally derived ingredients.
  • Moisturising with shea butter and coconut. Leaves skin feeling nourished and hydrated.”


This balm has a tightly packed but almost finely milled powdery and yet waxy consistency in the pot but as soon as it warms between your fingers it melts into a smooth and easy to apply oily balm. As you spread it across the skin it will lose all balm texture and become oil but don’t worry because I found it absorbs into the skin pretty easily. There is no distinguishable smell which is nice because it doesn’t mingle with anything else you may have applied or go on to apply and this lack of potential irritant is fabulous for sensitive skins. My elbows, which reject moisture like the Tories reject the NHS now feel hydrated, smooth and moisturised. Happy days!

I’m happy to use this on lips, cuticles, dry heels and elbows. Basically any area, which is stubbornly dry despite many attempts with various products and techniques to make it less so, responds well to this balm. Ideally I’d like to see this sold with larger pot option because it’s a product with so many uses. My favourite use for this product? I love to slather my heels in a dollop and pop on my socks, it leaves my feet feeling silky smooth. This is a bargain must have for anyone with dry skin. Stars You want me to continue with the stars? OK, 9 out of 10.

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