VO5 Plump it up

VO5 Plump it up

I’m of the fine-hair-but-lots-of-it variety, volume alludes me unless I decide to travel to a tropic climate and honestly it is more frizz than volume. A Thrifty Mrs, queen of the frizz bomb. Anyway, I’ve searched high and low to find a product which doesn’t clamp my hair to the sides of my head. Mousse never works, backcombing ends up in disaster and anything else just doesn’t work for longer than oooh 45 minutes. Ah the money I must have spent over the years with the lone aim of having pouffy, volumised hair. Along comes my new wonder product VO5 Plump it up, dry backcomb spray*. I received it in the very generous goodie bag I was given at the Cosmo Blog Awards last month and I’m so pleased we’ve been united.

I’ve tried similar products before – I’ve even been a devotee to Batiste for longer than I can remember, however this dry shampoo is just that bit different. It is still great at pepping up my locks in between washes but it gives the type of volume I’ve never been able to achieve with any product, even my beloved Batiste. All I need is a quick spray at the roots and my hair instantly has volume and becomes easier to manipulate into various styles. My hair remains big, bouncy and full all day which is rare for me, plus it doesn’t leave any residue or weird feeling. Win. I’m won over, my quest for the perfect and thrifty (a 200ml can comes in at £3.49 in Boots at the moment) volumising product has come to an end thanks to this pink can of plump, bouncy joy.

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P.S. Does your hair lack in volume? How to you solve that problem on a budget?

I received this product as part of a complimentary goodie bag given at an event. All opinions and thoughts are my own.