Vintage Suitcase Storage

Vintage Suitcase Storage

You guys often ask me to share more of Thrifty Towers. So here you are, here’s some more. Cor, I’m good to you, aren’t I?
This ramshackled stack of vintage suitcases and picnic baskets is situated in our hallway, opposite the two doors which take you to either our living area or bathroom and next to our spare room/my office. It makes my heart sing plus it’s super useful and organised too. Each suitcase has a dedicated purpose and provides desperately needed storage. Plus they’re pretty, oooh.

From bottom to top –
– Picnic basket – funnily enough this is a picnic basket stuffed full of our picnic equipment.
– Light blue suitcase – Seasonal linens (napkins, tablecloths, bunting, curtains) which get rotated and switched out as the seasons change.
– Navy suitcase – Scarves and gloves. Previously this was stored in the living room but it just wasn’t practical.
– Mustard suitcase – Shopping bags. Easy to grab on the way out to the shops.
– Briefcase – Bike lights and bike tools. Until I gave these a home Mr Thrifty’s bike bits and bobs littered our dining table each evening, as you know I like everything to have a proper home so that didn’t please me greatly.


P.S. Which is your favourite suitcase? I think mine is currently the mustard one which I found on a recent thrifting trip.

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