View Quest Emma Bridgewater Retro Radio Review Huge Discount

View Quest Emma Bridgewater Retro Radio Review Huge Discount

The aim for our home post-renovation (I have some photos coming very soon) is to incorporate good quality, useful items which should last us for years to come. We are slowly (an I mean s-l-o-w-l-y) saving up to invest in gadgets and furniture, which we hope will remain classics and stay useful for some time to come. One item we have recently been sent to review, which has taken up residence in our kitchen seems to have classic design written all over it – literally. Using Emma Bridgewater’s classic Black Toast design and bringing DAB technology to our kitchen for the first time (bye, bye broken old radio, covered in plaster, which could only find reception from inside a cupboard) we welcome the retro good looks of the View Quest Retro Radio* complete with DAB digital radio, FM radio and a nifty little device dock.

So what do we look for when it comes to a classic piece?

With a bit of kit like this we want it to be sturdy but not bulky or heavy, easy to wipe clean (especially because we use it in the kitchen), good looking and most importantly work seamlessly without a fuss. To be quite honest we are really pleased that this little gadget met all of these exacting expectations because sometimes good looks in the gadget department of not always equal great technology. The radio comes with a fairly hefty instruction manual but we didn’t even look at it, we merely plugged it in, tuned it to 6 music and let it blend seamlessly into our lives – it takes no effort to use and is a nice fuss free little bit of tech. The phone dock is particularly useful because it hides away, only revealing itself once you press in the View Quest logo. Simply pop your device onto the Apple dock (which slowly slides out), select “iPod mode” and it will play whatever you decide to select from your phone. As confirmed Spotify addicts this has made spag bol o’clock far more tolerable.

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With the current recommended price sitting at £129.99 you will be pleased to hear you can currently bag this great piece of kit for £79.99 with code VQBLACKTOAST at the checkout – oh and you can use VQPOLKA to grab the Polka dot version for an even more fantastic £69.99. Make sure to opt for the 30 pin versions. Be quick, this offer is due to end very soon. Enjoy!