Utility China

Utility China

This morning I walked past our local organic shop to find a box of junk with a label saying. Well how could I turn down an offer like that? I mean, really? Thirty seconds on my hands and knees rummaging around won me this beautiful, bright, jug of happiness. A beautiful Jasmine milk jug. Isn’t she lovely? I do already have one, which I use to store my eyeliners and lipliners upstairs in my bedroom but this little lady shall become a permanent feature of my dinning room table. I’ve mentioned this fantastic war time stuff in the  and my love for it still rages on. Utility china in it’s pastel shades is so tempting and easy to mix and match that I knew it couldn’t possibly be just me that loved it.

Over my years of blogging I have come across a great many women who love it too, most notablyand Mrs B over at  who has to put up with me man handling and drooling over her china collection every time I enter her pretty kitchen. Kitschen Pink even set up a  Which allows for china based lusting on all new levels. I tend to find a lot of Johnson Bros Greydawn (notably a whole dinner service for £7 whilst we were on holiday in Wales a couple of years ago) and Wood’s Ware in blue (Iris) and green (Beryl). I love those tones and the quality of the pieces means that we can use them as our every day plates. The fact that they have none or very little decor means they can also be shoved in the dishwasher from time to time (not everyday in case it ruins the glaze) for a pep up, which is always a bonus. But oh how I lust after more pinks and yellows.

Those rosy pinks and sunshine yellow colours are just the splashes of colour that I need to pep up my utility china collection. Now I know these colours were produced and exist because I’ve seen them on blogs, in books, war time magazines and of course on ebay but why are they so terribly rare in charity shops and my usual thrifing haunts? Are people at loathe to part with these colours or were these so precious to the young girls of the family that they were over used and became smashed over time? Or simply were less made and bought in the pinks and yellows compared to the blues and greens? I have one, single piece of pink utility china. It’s a small J&G Meakin Glamour Rosa plate. The glaze is going, the edges are bashed and chipped and a crack is sadly developing and yet I love that plate more than my entire collection of Johnson Bro Greydawn and that is quite some considerable collection that goes from serving platter all the way down to a set of cake plates. Are you a Utility China fan? Or have you never heard of it? If not have a quick read of discussion in the Flickr group to learn more.

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Utility china includes the following items :-

  • Woods Ware: Iris, Jasmine and Beryl.
  • Johnson Bros Rose Dawn, Grey Dawn, Golden Cloud, Green Dawn
  • J&G Meakin Glamour Rosa, Celeste, Sunshine.
  • Langley
  • Grindley Petalware, Lupin
  • Swinnertons Chelsea Blue
  • Barratts Delphatic Blue
  • Conway Lavender Blue

And perhaps more that we enthusiasts don’t yet know about.

If you have some utility china perhaps you could do a post on your letting us have a peak and telling us anything you know about it’s history. If you do post please share the link in the comments section of this post so we can have a real utility china frenzy/resource.