Using Every Last Bit – Making a Make Up Palette

Using Every Last Bit – Making a Make Up Palette

I’ve blogged before, here at A Thrifty Mrs about making sure you’re using every last drop of your products. It’s a little easier with liquids and things in bottles and jars but items like lipsticks and concealer sticks always seem to have loads left that you can’t quite get to. Easy peasy, just get in there with a knife to get the extra product out. My stick concealer had an extra 1/2 inch of product below the casing which was easy enough to pop out. I always keep a knife with my make up brushes because it can come in handy for all manner of things.

By the way I know a centimetre or two of product hardly seems like a huge amount but when you think a MAC lipstick is £14 you want to be making damn sure you’re using it all up. Once you’ve popped the product out of the packaging (try saying that after a few dark rums) just pop into a palette for easy storage. I picked up a palette on eBay for £1.99 (and free p&p to boot) because I knew it would be a useful investment – and far better for travelling than using tiny little old jars which don’t quite work.

These palettes are eyeshadow palettes but they’ve worked well enough for this purpose for me. You can buy specialist empty lipstick palettes which are a bit deeper (useful if you want to put the majority of a lipstick in but we’re only talking about the tail end here) but I’ve found them to be a tad expensive. A great alternative to those however would be a pill box with small sections. You can pick them up in most pound shops for surprise, surprise £1. You can heat up lipsticks to get them to sit in the pan evenly but I’ve honestly never had a problem using the smush-it-on-in-there-with-a-knife method, just make sure you clean the edges of the pans or it can get messy.

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Do you Make Sure you Use all of Your in Date Cosmetics to Their Fullest Potential?

These photographs are very much one extreme or another lighting wise, which is odd because I took them within 5 minutes of each other. Most frustrating.