Update your look on the cheap with make up

Update your look on the cheap with make up

This week here at A Thrifty Mrs is Budget Wardrobe Update Week so far we’ve talked about swapping clothes and attending swishing events as a way of updating your look on the cheap. Another fab way to be on trend whilst using what you already have or can at least buy very inexpensively is to play around with make up. I’d love to show you how to do it myself but I need to learn how to do it too, so I’ll leave you with my lovely and suitably gorgeous guest blogging friend Lisa from Pennycones who has a great tutorial for you. Enjoy!

A fresher, softer take  makeup

I decided to do a makeup tutorial showing you how to achieve a softer more wearable  makeup look.
We all know the ‘Twiggy’ look. Absolutely stunning and striking. But this is such a bold and brave look and can’t always work for most of us in everyday life today.
So what I have done here is just softened the whole look yet retained a retro feel. You can easily tailor this look to suit your own personal taste. For instance, take the eyeliner flicks further out, use a darker shade for the under brow line, define your brows heavier and even choose a bright red lip finish if that takes your fancy!

All of the makeup used is either by Revlon, Maybelline or Rimmel.

I started the look by preparing my face with a natural coloured tinted moisturiser as this is what I prefer to wear, day or night. But just use whatever coverage you normally use.

Step 1-

With my fingertip, I dotted a concealer under the eyes and over the lids and gently dabbed until it was all blended.

Step 2-

I used a cream/white powder all over the eyelid, right up to brow using a flat brush, applying slightly heavier across the lower lid area.

Step 3-

I now used a dark grey (brown would work just as well) powder and with the same brush as before, applied a line just under the brow bone taking it down to just line up with the outside corner of the eye.

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Step 4-

Now I used a dark black eyeliner pencil and placed a black line just above my lashes taking it past the lash line and sweeping it out slightly further away (the further out you take the line, the more dramatic the finish will be).

Step 5-

I now applied a heavy black mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Step 6-

I used a soft brown eyebrow pencil and lightly went over my natural brow line for a little more definition.

Step 7-

Now time for the fun bit…Fake lashes! I normally wear individual ones as I like the soft look. I apply a couple of the longer ones at the edges and work in using the medium and finish with the small ones on the inside. For the bottom, I just use one medium and a smaller one just to give a little fluttery look. But again, just use whatever style of fake lashes you like.

Step 8-

For this I lined the inside lower eye line with a white pencil to help give the look a nice fresher finish making the eyes seem brighter.

Step 9-

To finish the look, I applied a Rose Pink blusher with a large headed brush sweeping upwards and outwards.

Step 10-

I applied a very soft pink lipstick which I then blotted to leave a stained effect and wore a satin headscarf and  shantung silk shift dress to finish the look off (at this stage, I really wanted to head for a night out!)
I hope you enjoyed this and feel inspired to try this out for yourself.
A huge thank you to Lisa for this fabulous tutorial and wonderful photographs. I’m off to try this out for myself. You can find Lisa’s blog Pennycones here and tweet her here @Pennycones . Thank you Lisa once again, now come on dear readers give her a round of applause.
The Thrifty Mrs and Lisa from Pennycones.