Upcycling Tips

Upcycling Tips

Last Friday saw Twitter take on a thrifty slant as I took over TopCashback’s Twitter account to host an Upcycling Twitter Party using the hashtag #TCBGetsThrifty. A huge number of you turned out to ask for advice, to share your projects and to share ideas, tips and tricks!

Here are Some of the Tips and Tricks Shared During the Chat.

Upcycling Tips

Question: What 3 products do you use the most when upcycling?


1. “Sand paper, paint and fabrics (not necessarily altogether!)” via @goriami

2. “Contact Adhesive,Paint, Nails( fabric dye comes in close) ” via @KatieJ_A_C

3. “I like fabric glue, wonder web and stencils in my upcyling projects x” via @Babybudgeting

4. “Glass/mirror, sandpaper&paint get me well on the way when #Upcycling. Also addicted to glitter!” via @inverleny

5. “Glue, paint and a staplegun” via @clairescottshug

Question: Where do you find items to upcycle? (I love charity shops, Freecycle, Freegle, skips and auctions)


1. “It’s worth checking if your local area is covered by a Thingsforsale page on Facebook” via @_MrsBadger_

2. “Charity shops but also alot from Freecycle. I’ve made some good friends from it too!” via @LindseyClark20

3. “The local recycling depot is a great starting point for #Upcycling ideas. I’m notorious there!”  @Inverleny
Useful Upcycling Tips

A top tip? For cheap paint try a local paint library who sell donated paint OR try Freecycle and Freegle.

“Upcycling can be green too – all wood in my garden is recycled” via @PennyGolightly

“One of my favourite items in my upcycling kit is baby oil, it fills in leather scratches and shines metal.”

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Amazing Projects

  • DVD/CDs into coasters. Blog post by @Vickymcreations here.
  • Upcycled stool – just one of the many up cycled pieces by the fantastic Jill @TFTextiles
  • A beautiful £15 dressing table via @SavvyAnnieUK
  • Broke glass in a pretty frame? Here is a solution from @GCMAW
  • A chest of drawers gets a make over by @LaurenSaraJude

And there were dozens more impressive projects over here from fridges to £0 shelving units! If you have any upcycling tips please feel free to share them in the comments below – you never know, you could help someone save money. Don’t forget to sign up to TopCashback for free here and thanks to them for letting me take over their Twitter account last week.