4 Unique Ways To Preserve The Memory Of A Loved One

4 Unique Ways To Preserve The Memory Of A Loved One

Losing someone doesn’t always mean the end of their story. Just because someone isn’t here anymore doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be remembered, and honoring their memory is often a great way to process the loss and begin the journey towards acceptance. 

Every culture has some rites and traditions to honor the deceased, be it to ease their passage to the afterlife or to make sure they rest in peace. There are usual things like a photo album and word of mouth, but when these aren’t enough you can always try more uncommon methods to honor someone’s life. 

But sometimes, we need to do something special on our own to grieve the loss and honor who they were to you. If you want to know more about how you can do this, keep reading. 

Make a Portrait 

Losing a family member at a very young age can leave a very big hole in your life. Sometimes, people have portraits made of the deceased standing next to them as if they were never gone. If they left the earth before getting to visit a favorite place of theirs, you can have a portrait painted of them at that place to represent that they’re there in spirit. 

Services such as Instapainting can help you make these dreams a reality without breaking the bank. All you have to do is send in reference images, a size, and medium, and any special requests you have about the art. Once everything is done, the final piece will be mailed to your home. 

Make a Memory Pillow 

Losing someone important in your life and being unable to hug them or hold them close can be a very painful experience. To make the loss sting a bit less, you can make a memory pillow out of an old t-shirt or any other type of shirt. This way you’ll always have something to hang on to when you’re sad. 

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In addition, going through their things to find the perfect shirt for your project can help bring you some much-needed closure and acceptance, and the whole process can be therapeutic. 

Donate in Their Name 

Nearly everyone has a cause that’s close to their heart, and so did your late loved one. To honor their death, you can donate to organizations and NGOs that work towards helping people and animals stuck in unfortunate situations. 

If you can’t afford to donate, you can always volunteer, and if they died from a disease you can endeavor to help others suffering from the same disease so they don’t meet the same unfortunate fate. 

Honor Plans 

If you had any plans with your lost loved one, it might be a good idea to honor them anyway. Go to that concert you were meant to go to together, don’t cancel that trip, and go sit at your favorite spot in the park. 

If possible, do this with other people who are suffering from the same loss you are. This way you will find some support and kinship through it all, which can make a big difference.