Trying Technic Make Up

Trying Technic Make Up

T(t)echnic are a budget make up brand I’ve had little to do with purely due to the unavailability in my locale.
A number of you asked me what I thought of the brand and because I’d only tried one nail polish (which I reviewed here) I didn’t feel I could talk about my opinions of the brand and a good variety of their products.

technic make up

Recently I stumbled upon a branch of Bodycare which stocks technic and decided to take the plunge with a few of their products. In total I picked up 7 products and I just wondered if over the next few months you’d fancy some reviews here and there?

The products I picked up are:

  • NUDES Eyeshadows £1.49
  • Monster Lash Mascara £1.49
  • Eyeshimmer Stick in Bronze £1.19
  • Juicy Stick twist up lipstick £1.19
  • Nail varnish in Izzy Whizzy £0.99
  • Nail varnish in Party Oink £0.99
  • Nail varnish in Pool Party £0.99

Can you believe those prices? If those products are as good as the previous nail polish I’ve tried then I’m on to a winner. I haven’t opened any of the packaging but I’m dying to, so let me know if you would like to see any specific reviews of these products and please do shout out your recommendations for this brand in the comments below.


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