Treatments for the Perfect Curvy Body

Curvy bodies are all the craze right now. Everyone wants a little extra fat in all the right places, but this is not as easily attainable through natural means. Not everyone has the time to exercise or diet properly, making sure to focus on key areas of their body as they go to the gym. While staying healthy doesn’t really cost all that much, reaching that curvy, dream body does take a lot more effort.

But there are cosmetic treatments designed to make the process a lot easier for those looking for extra curvature. Anything from Coolsculpting to Sculptra NYC clients’ butt lift treatment of choice, is a viable treatment and can bring you that much closer to your desired curves. But before you can call up your local clinic, it’s important to know what these treatments are, how they work and what you can gain from them.


One of the most interesting fat reduction treatments around, Coolsculpting is unconventional in its procedure, but just as, if not more effective than conventional treatments. It’s amazing ability to use your body’s own natural abilities to chisel away the extra fat is nothing short of breathtaking when you see the final results.

The one downside to Coolsculpting is actually reaching those final results. While the treatment is rather quick, lasting for 40 to 50 minutes, depending on what you’re treating, it will take some time for the effects to become visible. You can expect to see the conclusive results half a year after the procedure.

But do keep in mind, this is the only major downside to Coolsculpting. It has a lot more to be excited about, than to be worried, however. First of all, unlike other fat reduction treatments, Coolsculpting does not require the surgeons to inject anything or to cut open any skin. The procedure is non-invasive and this is one of its strengths. Clients who go for other fat reduction treatments have to worry about the recovery time and constant maintenance they have to partake in, simply because the procedure has caused a lot of controlled damage to their body.

Even a small scar with a few stitches can be a real pain, especially when you’re in the busy time of the year and have a lot of work to do. You just can’t sit around, waiting for scars to heal. Injections can also carry their own sets of post-procedural pains. There are many side effects you have to worry about and a lot of extra medication you have to take just to get back to your normal self.

Coolsculpting just puts a couple of pumps on parts of your body, which provide a stream of cold air, pressuring it onto the skin. The cold temperature stimulates the fat cells to commit what is basically cell suicide and die out, later to be absorbed by the body. Since the fat cells fade away, the resulting empty space in the fat clump isn’t filled up and the area becomes a little more toned. This is what will take up months of your time, but even a couple of weeks after the treatment you’ll be able to see a major difference.

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This is a treatment that’s best for those who are looking for an easy way to tone and sculpt specific areas of the body, without having to lose the more attractive fat in others. 

Sculptra Butt Lift

While Coolsculpting is there to tone the body in areas where too much fat can be problematic, the Sculptra butt lift is there to put a little extra weight in the places that matter. More specifically: the butt. The compound used in Sculptra treatments functions very similarly to dermal fillers which lift the face. 

Maybe the compound, application and the overall treatment are different, but the philosophy behind the two is very similar. The Sculptra butt lift restores volume and plumps up the butt in the most noticeably attractive areas. By giving the posterior volume, it makes it much tighter and firmer, but still leaving the overall texture soft, so the butt doesn’t just become tense.

It also gives the buttocks an attractive shape, which some people are simply not lucky enough to have naturally. 

The procedure involves the injection of the compound in key locations, where it can make the most amount of progress and bring out the best results. The Sculptra butt lift has been popular with people looking to add that extra curvature, without having to go through the pain of natural methods. It’s a very easy and safe shortcut, yielding some of the best and curviest results in the industry.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Paired with the Sculptra there is also the Brazilian butt lift. And while it doesn’t have much to do with the country itself, it is still an interesting procedure with some very positive results. 

The difference between the standard Sculptra and the Brazilian is that instead of injecting a compound, the latter utilizes the excess fat from other parts of your body and repurposes them into the posterior, adding to the fullness and roundness of the butt. Essentially, the treatment works on two fronts: on the one hand, it gets rid of the fat from certain areas of the body and then reuses that same fat in an area where it will be a lot more appreciated, like the butt.

It’s a very effective treatment and can bring out some very positive results, with some truly insane curvature.

All Your Curvy Needs

And if you’re looking for a clinic to take care of all your curvy needs, look no further than Manhattan’s MiracleFace Medspa and their catalog of treatments. They offer anything from Coolsculpting to the Sculptra butt lift, for reasonable prices that won’t stretch out your budget.

You can visit their website to learn more about their work and get into contact with them to see how you can book your appointment for any of these treatments, bringing you that much closer to your perfect curvy body.