Top Reasons Why Your Front Load Washing Machine Won’t Start

Top Reasons Why Your Front Load Washing Machine Won’t Start

In this modern-day & age, washing machines have become an integral part of our lives. They help in doing our laundry in the most efficient process possible and ensure that we can save our time & effort. However, there will be moments when your washing machine won’t start anymore and you have to troubleshoot the same to keep it working. There is no single way to pinpoint the issue and you have to look at a variety of solutions. 

Therefore, if you have a front load washing machine, then the following set of solutions can help troubleshoot the non-working of the appliance. 

Major Reasons Why Your Front Load Washing Machine Won’t Start At All

  1. Washing Machine Not Getting Enough Power

According to a professional company offering appliance repairs in South Auckland, the following are some of the reasons why your washing machine might not be getting enough power:

  • The washing machine has been unplugged from the main electricity source. Make sure that the washing machine’s power cord is connected to a functioning electrical outlet. 
  • Inspect whether there are any tripped breakers inside your home’s circuit box.
  • Avoid using an extension cord to provide power to your washing machine because extension cords cannot safely transmit the voltage.
  • Try to reset the washing machine by powering it off and powering it on after 60 seconds. 
  1. The Control Lock Has Been Turned On

If your washing machine has a control lock, then you should inspect the same because it can be turned on by an accident. The control lock prevents any washing machine from starting accidentally. When you activate the control lock, you’ll be able to see an icon showcasing ‘LoC’ or ‘LC’ on the washing machine’s control panel. 

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The process of turning off the control lock is either pressing down one of the many keys or a combination of keys. So, make sure that you refer to your user’s manual and learn the same before trying to turn off the control lock. 

  1. Door Of The Washing Machine Isn’t Closed Properly

Most modern front load washing machines are programmed in such a manner that if the door of the washing machine isn’t closed properly, then the system won’t start. So, make sure that you have firmly closed the washing machine door without trying to slam it so that the latch has been engaged. 

In case the washing machine door isn’t closing properly, then you have to inspect whether any bits of clothing might be trapped in between the door and the latch. 

For any additional assistance on appliance repairs, be sure to connect with us at any time. We’d be happy to assist you.