Top Questions To Ask Your Custom Steel Fabricator To Ensure Proper Quality

Top Questions To Ask Your Custom Steel Fabricator To Ensure Proper Quality

For any successful metal fabrication recipe, quality welds are one of the essential components. Each weld is important in ensuring structural longevity and integrity. Without maintaining sufficient quality control for welding, the custom metal fabrication process will be compromised. Welding mistakes can lead to costly & disastrous results, such as product failures or failing to meet industry-standard guidelines. 

However, if you have certified and trained welders coupled with a proper quality control process, then any manufacturing mistake could be avoided. The following are some of the top questions to ask your custom steel fabricators before planning to hire them.

Ultimate Questions To Ask Your Custom Steel Fabricators Before Hiring

  • Will You Be Able To Provide Certification Documents?

According to professional steel fabricators in London, a qualified custom metal fabricator should be able to provide qualifications and certifications for all of their welders, including their quality control documentation.

In general, a welder should be qualified to perform the following set of tasks:

  • Follow all the strict welding procedure specifications.
  • Meet the industry-specific standards for quality control.

Certification documents help you to know whether a custom metal or steel fabricator will be able to conform to your requirements, in the best possible manner. There will be no lack of quality standards and top-notch steel products will be manufactured.

  • Have You Hired A Quality Manager Who Can Oversee The Performance Of The Welding Process?

If you’re planning to hire a reputable custom steel fabricator, then that fabricator should have a QA or Quality Assurance manager on board. The job of a QA manager is to oversee the performance of each welder and whether the welding process is being carried out seamlessly. 

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Every six months interval, the QA manager should be updating the quality control specifications, so that the welding process stay as per the current industry standards. 

Furthermore, the QA manager should be visually inspecting the applicable fabrication drawings for every weld, so that they can be documented and sent for approval before finally shipping to the customer or client for delivery. 

  • Is Your Welding Process Safe?

Custom metal fabricators know and understand the significance of protecting their employees. This is because the employees are their long-term assets and they can make or break their fabrication business. Therefore, ensuring the safety of the employees is paramount to the entire welding process. 

If the employees are safe, healthy, and happy, they are much less likely to encounter mistakes during the welding process, which will lead to fewer product malfunctions or structural defects. Furthermore, the workplace morale will be higher as well. 

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