Top 6 Ways To Get Rid Of Mice In Office Buildings

Top 6 Ways To Get Rid Of Mice In Office Buildings

Office buildings are perfect for civilisations of mice to thrive. Mice need food, shelter, and warmth. Your office has all that. Leftover food in your cubicles, drawers, desks, etc. acts as a buffet treat for them, the building is a perfect shelter for protection from predators, and the warm protects them from cold weather. 

Mice are sort of cute, but only when photographed! And certainly unacceptable in office spaces. Although small and adorable creatures, mice can cause havoc in office buildings as they can cause multiple diseases and chew important documents.

So How Do Mice Get Into Office Buildings?

  • Mouse Highways – Mice navigate from one building to another through linked connections between structures such as pipelines, cables, wires, and any such interconnection. Construction of more and more buildings is making it easier for mice to explore new locations in search of food and shelter as all these new buildings share common pipelines and cables. Once inside, they can easily explore the whole office building without any restriction through ‘mouse highways’. Mouse highways are structures that we have created inside our office buildings such as AC vents, false ceilings, lift shafts, etc. – easy ways to travel long distances in a shorter time.
  • Food Pallets – This is another easy way for mice to move inside your office is through food pallets, especially if you have your own pantry or your office is close to a food warehouse. Mice easily thrive in such places, and surely they will explore nearby areas. Also, more shipping of food from the warehouse, more mice will get on the ride unnoticed. All mice need is food and shelter, and if these are available nearby, they’ll multiply within months. 

How To Get Rid Of Mice

As now you are aware of the ways mice enter office buildings, so how to stop them? 

  • Mouse proof the building – This is one of the best ways to get rid of rodent infestation, by stopping it before it happens. 
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What to do?

  1. Place your dustbins (where you dump the final waste) at a good distance from your office 
  2. Seal or fill any holes or gaps from where mice can enter 
  3. Clean any easy nesting areas such as storage boxes, wall interiors, etc. Old stuffed toys also act as perfect nesting material, dispose off such toys. 
  4. Check and seal any other areas of easy access.
  • Clean up your dishes – Although mice don’t need much food to survive, but a dirty plate with leftover food is like a treasure with no effort to mice. Make sure to clean up all your dishes at the end of the day.
  • Dispose off your garbage – Garbage bins/cans are also a good place for mice to find free food. Make sure to dispose off your garbage daily at a dumpster. Make sure that this process is completed by the end of the day and not left until the next morning. 
  • Don’t leave any food at your desk – Try not to eat at your desk but if you do, never leave any food or crumbs. Leftover food is an open invitation for mice to feed on during the night. 
  • Keep your snacks in plastic containers – We all enjoy having evening snacks at our desk and keep them in our drawer. Make sure that such snacks are kept properly in sealed plastic containers. 
  • Professional pest and rodent control – If mice manage to enter your office building even after taking all the above-mentioned precautions, you need professional pest control in South Auckland


It is necessary to keep mice, rats, and other pests out of office buildings. Follow the best practices to ensure that your office space is not a thriving hub for rodent or pest infestation. Do not hesitate to call for professional help when the prevention methods fail.