Tips on writing Essay on Fashion

Tips on writing Essay on Fashion

Well, fashion is all around us. Just look at the people you know, especially the teenagers and the college students, everyone knows what a fashion statement looks like. Especially the ones that have that wild haircuts and accessories blinking from far away.

Fashion changes every year. One year, black is the trend, the next, denim is in. This makes it a lot difficult for people to understand it, but also it challenges us to study fashion. And where is study – here is custom college essay writing, researches on history, and other less exciting stuff.

How to write an essay on fashion? Just as how one should write research, it is also important to write a fashion essay. Why? This is very subjective and there will always be a lot of points of view on the subject. There are some who do not agree with the concept of fashion, especially when it comes to clothing. Thus, one may get the wrong idea when he is tasked to write such an essay. But there are not right and wrong thoughts, right? In essay writing, your aim is to focus on facts and add a little emotion.

Collect facts

A good fashion essay, then, will deal with both the good and the bad effects of wearing various types of clothing. It will cover the history of fashion, its development, what fashion designers are doing nowadays, and even its possible drawbacks. The writer must be able to show that there is the reason behind each and every trend. Essay writers should not only know how to wear the clothes, but they should know how to interpret the meaning behind the clothes.

When everything has a reason, you’ll know both facts and little interesting moments about the subject. There is already a material you’ll build the essay from.

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Add some opinions

Writing a fashion essay is not as hard as one may think. It is just that some things have to be given extra consideration. First, one has to remember that a fashion statement is more than just wearing clothes. It is one way of expressing one’s personality. Thus, it will be a good idea to show one’s point of view on this. You can add your own opinion, ask your classmates and family. It will diverse your paper and add a pinch of discussion in it.

Structure it

Now you have a lot of material and it’s time to make a real essay. More often than not, those types of academic papers have several sections. An introduction and the main body of the work, which will include your research about fashion and what you and your peers believe are its positive and negative aspects. Then a conclusion with a mention of the basic thesis of your work.

For example, the first section will be a discussion on what fashion is. Next, we can move on to the history of fashion, especially how it developed over time. Finally, we can look at the current trends and fashions, taking note of the good and the bad. Add opinions, but not be judging.


Don’t forget to revise your essay, edit mistakes, and format it properly. Add references as necessary. The essay should be original, with citations and references to primary sources only.

Check again if you reached the aim? Essays on fashion are intended to be creative and thought-provoking.

If you opened the topic fully – great job! Time to submit your masterpiece.