Tips on Connecting With Your Inner Spiritual Side

Tips on Connecting With Your Inner Spiritual Side

This year has been anything but peaceful. People are forced to maintain social distancing and self-isolation. If feels like you are living inside a science fiction novel and something terrible is yet to happen. The world has become chaotic and busy lately. The global pandemic has taken a toll on mental health at large. People from all walks of life want to experience a connectedness with the higher self. There are several ways you can calm your mind and experience joy and peace. Continue reading this article to find out more about your quest of inner spirituality. 

1. Meditation and Yoga: Meditation is a great tool to calm the turbulence of your mind. Daily meditation helps you operate better in your day-to-day dealings. Studies show those who meditate daily tend to make lesser mistakes while making a decision. Keep in mind the following rules: 

  • Maintain a time structure while meditating. If you meditate at 8 am every morning, stick to that routine.
  • Meditate twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. 
  • Gradually increase the time of meditating. The longer you meditate, the more connected you will feel with your inner self. 

2. Smoke Weed: Religion and weed have always found each other in close quarters. Different religion all over the world has endorsed smoking cannabis in some shape or form to enhance consciousness. Marijuana is widely used for its medicinal properties. There are various ways you might reap the benefits of marijuana. Make a legal purchase of cannabis from any medical dispensary of DC

  • There are various types of weed available in the market. Research well before selecting the marijuana variant. 
  • If you are not comfortable smoking, bake a batch of weed cakes, or Try CBT gummies; edible marijuana is fun.
  • Have a relaxing day of spa and body massage with CBT oils. This oil has healing properties that penetrate the deep skin and soothes the body. 
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3. Reading Books: Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures. There is nothing quite satisfying than picking up a good book and spending quiet hours reading it. You may read books of different culture and background to know more about the psyche of human life and to connect with your inner self. Books on religion and philosophy are a gateway to the broader mind.

4. Travelling: Connecting with different cultures and appreciating their way of life opens new doors of thought process. Travel to lesser know places to explore more of the culture. 

  • Be open-minded when visiting other countries. 
  • Do not pass judgments on their way of practicing religion or spirituality. 
  • Respect the cultural codes of the tribe and follow the norms. 

5. Think and Reflect: Everyone should have quiet time on their hands to think and reflect on the life that they are leading. Without a conscious-life, one would feel like a dead fish that is just going with the flow. 

  • Set aside daily time to reflect on the actions made.
  • Practice writing a journal to look back on your thoughts. 

The goal of spirituality is to know oneself better and lead a life of consciousness. Create the path that fulfills you mentally by bringing joy and happiness.