::Tips and Ideas:: Easy Peasy Draught Excluder

::Tips and Ideas:: Easy Peasy Draught Excluder

Our front door seems to let in gale force winds. A lot of the time I find myself stuck to the wall by the sheer force of the wind. Or perhaps that’s just Mr Thrifty’s backside? Hmmm.No, honestly we do get a lot of wind gusting in under the door from the park. We put a little long brush thingymajig (I honestly have no idea what the name of those things are, but I think you have a fair idea of what I’m on about) on the bottom of the door, to no avail.I’ve knitted a draught excluder for the back door and study window but I just don’t have time to do one for the front door at the moment. So I took a knitted pram blanket that I picked up in a charity shop (3 for £1 if I recall correctly) a few years ago and fashioned (rather than made) an instant draught excluder.

How To Make An Easy Draught Excluder
What You Need:-

  • 1 Small ‘pram’ Blanket
  • 1 Newspaper
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Thick Ribbon


  • Lay your blanket out flat on the floor.
  •  Take your newspaper and remove around half the pages from the middle so you have two equal folds of newspaper.
  •  Open out the newspapers lay one on the blanket and then lay the other part of the newspaper on the blanket, over lapping the other part.
  • Roll the newspaper into one long sausage, tie at the ends and in the middle with string. (You can also stuff the inside of the newspaper with old tights, socks or scraps of fabric.)
  • Fold the blanket in half and roll it tightly into a sausage with the newspaper inside.
  • Tie bows at both ends with either ribbon or string depending on your taste or what you have lying around.
    If your blanket or doorway is long you may need to tie a piece of ribbon around the middle to keep the draught excluder taught.

Yes, yes, I know, it’s a silly and small tip but as with my loo roll tip it’s the little things that save you money, keep you snug and keep your life running smoothly.,

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