Thrifty Ways To Keep Warm

Thrifty Ways To Keep Warm

The wintery weather is well and truly here and I’m often asked how to keep warm as the days get shorter and the temperature decreases.  I’m A Thrifty Mrs and I want you do be warm.


Common sense clothing

I often see people moaning about how cold their home is whilst standing in front of me barefoot and wearing a t-shirt. It is pretty basic but come on folks, put some clothes on! Pop on a jumper (several thin layers are better than one thick layer) and some socks, maybe even invest in some slippers too. I have no shame in wearing layers of clothes and occasionally wrist warmers and a snood indoors.

Do something

Keeping active is key to keeping warm. Whilst snuggling on the sofa with a blanket may seem alluring, getting your body and blood moving is a far better idea. You don’t have to do a full work out but cleaning, decluttering and running errands keeps you on the go and keeps you warmed up. Horizontal dancing can count too. Cough.

Cook up a storm

Get in that kitchen and get the cooker going. Batch cook and bake something to fill your fridge and freezer. Fill the kitchen with warmth and homely  ness whilst warming your bottom on the oven door.


Make sure furniture isn’t blocking out any heat from radiators and fires.  Allow the heat to flow freely.

Open and close

Open your curtains of a morning to let the sunlight and warmth in and close them as it gets dark to keep the cold out.

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 Snuggled under

Blankets on top of your bed go without saying but have you thought about adding a blanket or mattress topper under your sheet? We’ve found adding one under our fitted sheet has made our bed a far more cosy and warm place to be.

Close the doors

Are you paying to heat the room or the street? Typing that sentence officially turned me into my Mother.

Line your curtains

You don’t need to be an expert with a sewing machine to do this one. We picked up some fleece blankets from Ikea a few years back and now ever November we pin them to the backs of our curtains in order to create some extra warmth.

Bottle your warmth

Hot water bottles aren’t just for period pains or old people. Can’t afford one with a fancy cover? Try your local pound shop for a cheap hot water bottle without a cover and wrap inside a blanket or cushion cover.

Stop draughts

Do you have draughty windows and doors sucking out all of your warmth. Whilst it is important to have ventilation, having your toasty home turn into an igloo is not ideal. You can good draught excluders from around £5 or you can turn your crafty hand to making your own. If you’re like me, i.e. not great at making things, you can put together this simple no sew draught excluder in under 2 minutes.