Thrifty Travel: We’ve Just Booked An Amazing Deal

Thrifty Travel: We’ve Just Booked An Amazing Deal

Get this, we just booked 2 nights for 2 people (including breakfast) in a Lake District country house for £99! It’s not very often we go away but when we do it’s usually led by the best deals we can find online.We found the offer through a website who contacted me recently letting me know about their thrifty travel deals. They’re called bespoke offers and have a range of really, really good travel deals amongst lots of other deals.I’ll be honest and say I hadn’t heard of bespoke offers before but they’re a wing of Barclaycard who offer deals to everyone, not just Barclaycard customers. They can tailor the deals so they are based on the likes and interests of their individual customers and you can narrow it down further with location.

Their website is a doddle to use but I prefer their mobile version, you simply pick the section you want – I selected travel then ‘Deals £99 or less’. We picked the location we fancied (and even at £99 or under there are quite a few deals to be had) selected the deal and paid for it. We then received a confirmation email and details of how to use our purchased deal to book specific dates with our hotel of choice. We have a distant date in which we need to book our break by but we’re aiming to book up in the next month or so.The deal we’ve booked has £179 off the usual price, which is an amazing discount, making the idea of a weekend away a realistic prospect rather than an idea far out of reach. There are great travel deals scattered all across the country and into Europe including Portuguese hotel stays, Irish castles, North Wales escapes, Scottish hotel breaks along with many, many more.

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As with all deals websites, a good deal is only a good deal if it’s something you want or need already. However if you are already thinking of booking a nice break away then this is a fabulous option.I’ll be sure to let you know what our stay is like and how the deal fairs at the other end of the booking.
Check out bespoke offers thrifty travel deals.

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