Thrifty Sunscreen: Calypso Dry Oil Review


Sunscreen is not something I mess around with. I have the fairest of fair skin and can burn badly within 30 minutes – I get through a heck of a lot of sunscreen. SPF 30 is the lowest I’ll drop down to but I tend to opt for SPF 50 more often than not.


After trying Calypso Face Sunscreen last year and loving it, when I spotted Calypso Dry Oil in Home Bargains for £2.99 it instantly went in my basket. The sunscreen is ‘EU Compliant UVA and UVB’ SPF 30 and comes in a spray bottle and frankly I think it’s fabulous – for the body at least, it’s a bloody nightmare to apply foundation over. I spray 5-6 times directly onto the area of skin I want to apply it to (rather than into my hand), lightly rub into the skin and it instantly absorbs, best yet it instantly dries clear. It doesn’t take an age of rubbing, it doesn’t feel heavy and it doesn’t leave horrible white marks on my skin or clothes.

This product has happily stood up to afternoons in beer gardens, long dog walks and general garden pottering. I do top up every 3 hours or so and maybe more if I’m particularly exposed to the sun but this is something I would do with any sun protection product. I’m actually really happy to top up on the go with this product too because it dries invisibly and doesn’t leave any residue or indeed take an age to rub in properly. Whilst wearing this product I haven’t burnt or felt that gently-grilling-skin feeling at all. I’ve been left with no redness, tightness or white spots which I my usual signs of over exposure to the sun and I feel confident on using it on a regular basis.

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There only two downsides for me with this product –

1. The bottle can leak ever such a little every now and then, so I keep it in a plastic bag if I’m taking it out of the house.

2. It can leave my skin (which is prone to dryness) a bit dry. I only found this to be the case if I don’t apply a body lotion before hand so I always make sure to apply a good body lotion before hand and allow time for it to skin in before applying this.


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