Thrifty Summer Holiday Essentials

Thrifty Summer Holiday Essentials

Apparently summer is fast approaching (although it really, really doesn’t feel like it here in the UK) and it’s time to start preparing for those summer sun holidays. If you’ve booked a holiday and are saving up for spending money you won’t want to be splashing too much cash on those essential must pack items.
Thrifty Summer Holiday EssentialsToothbrush coverThere’s nothing more grim than a filthy toothbrush, which is often the case if it has been rattling around in the bottom of a make up or wash bag on the way to your holiday destination. Grab toothbrush covers here – 5 for £1 and keep your toothbrush fresh, clean and sweet smelling.
SunscreenI recently reviewed the Calypso Dry Oil Sunscreen here and think it’s the tops for sun protection on a budget. You can pick it up for £2.99 in Home bargains or £3.99 here. Whatever you do make sure you’re protected.

Insect Repellent

Some of us are incredibly attractive to bugs and insects of all varieties and the warm weather just attracts even more of them. I can’t be without a good bug spray of some kind and particuarly favour this one for sensitive skin which comes in at £4.50.

Travel Bottles

It’s well worth investing in some little travel bottles to decant your favourite products into. Sure you can buy minis of most products these days but they’re priced at a premium. With a set of bottles you can reuse over and over again. I picked my set up in an airline approved resealable clear bag here on eBay for less than a pound.
Hair treatmentIf your hair isn’t used to swimming pools, heat, sand and salt water it can soon get pretty damaged. I always bring along something nourishing for my hair. I’m currently favouring these VO5 hot oil treatments (4 for £4.29) which take me back about 15 years. They only take a minute to apply and I pack one for
If I could buy that massive hat Rachel wore in Friends (you know, this one) I would, I’m a hat kinda girl. It’s essential to protect your skin and shading it from the harsh rays during the peak hours of 10am-4pm is essential! I’m thinking of picking up this take-me-anywhere, wide-brimmed hat which is just £6 from Matalan.
Scarf – multipurposeAgain with the covering up, eh? But yeah, I go to Primark/Peacocks/the market and buy the softest and biggest lightweight scarf I can find so I can snuggle into it on the plane then use them as sarongs/cover up around the beach or the pool and also to cover my shoulders when out and about walking around.  Something lightweight and colourful a bit like this one from ASOS which comes in at £8. These kinds of scarves also come in useful for dinner in the evening when the sea breeze might leave your shoulders feeling a little chilly.

Travel Plugs

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Poundland is your friend my friend. I picked up a 2 pack for you’ve guessed it £1, bargain.


These bad boys can take you from beach to resturant with a mere change from flip flips to heels and swift lick of eyeliner. This one has an amazing sumptuous look to it.What are your essential items (under £10) to pack for beach holidaysThe following two tabs change content below.