Thrifty Renovation Progress – Ripping up decking

Thrifty Renovation Progress – Ripping up decking

If you cast your minds back to the last bank holiday weekend (a whole 8 or 9 days ago!) you may remember we struck it lucky with weather. We here at Thrifty Towers saw this as the perfect time to move forward with our house renovation. Actually truth be told, we were moving forward with the garden renovation rather than the house itself. You see we can’t do much with the house until our seriously dodgy electrics are sorted and that won’t be for at least another month.

So the garden? Well it’s small and it’s up north so it’s a yard really but anyway, the garden had an area which was covered with fugly decking and it needed ripping out. Now  I’m not saying all decking is fugly but this stuff was seriously fugly. F-UGLY. It was badly installed, poorly looked after, covered in bird poo and in a really sorry state, not to mention the fact it was covering draining and making our garage damp. And with a dog peeing on it multiple times a day, it had to go.

On Good Friday we grabbed our tools, work clothes, old trainers and gloves and got on with it. We unscrewed, hammered, drilled and crow barred that crap up. We discovered dozens of small toys, hair ties, paint brushes and assorted other crap underneath and best yet we found the previous owner had used, in places, laminate flooring as underlay.

The floor underneath is badly cracked, patchy, painted concrete but we knew this would be the case because it’s the same in the rest of the garden. We’re going to leave as it is for now purely because we’ll be doing so much work to the house there’s no point putting in fancy paving only for it to get ruined by scaffolding or drilling in a couple of months time. But we scraped up the mud and dirt swept up the crap and spent hours removing assorted rubbish from all across the garden including but not limited to – a fleece slipper, a dirty nappy, 17 princess stickers (still 30 more to go!) and 3 hatchbacks worth of other crap. The folks at the local tip are starting to know us by name now!

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We planted some seeds, hung a few baskets, installed retractable washing lines and generally cleaned up and it just feels better. It’s a long way from being done but progress is being made. Oh and we took advantage of the Bank Holiday sales and a few gift cards we’d be given as house warming gifts to buy a pressure washer. The garden and most of the house could really stand to be blasted down and with the amount of renovation work we have coming up we considered it a wise investment. Apparently if you’re cleaning a really large space whilst on a water meter they work out to be pretty economical, so I’ll keep you updated on what I think once we’ve used it across a few different environments.