Thrifty Gift Guide 10/12 Days Of Thriftmas

Thrifty Gift Guide 10/12 Days Of Thriftmas

Here comes my thrifty gift guides for Christmas. First up, gifts £10 upwards, keep your eyes peeled as I’ll also be bringing you a gift guide for £5-£10 and and an under £5 Christmas gift guide too.  I’m sharing some items available on the high street but importantly I am sharing creative creations some from of the finest crafts people in the United Kingdom.


Kitty cat coasters

Well, could anything really be more perfect than this set of fun and creative cat coasters from Finest Imaginary. Answer  no I’m all a’swoon at this creation, along with the rest of Kim’s friggin’ gorgeous collections, if you’re a cacti or succulent fan or know someone who is you’ll want to check out these bad boys.

PERFECT FOR: Cat ladies, amazing thing lovers, kitsch fans.

White Rabbit Comfort Cleansing Balm

Skincare expert Caroline Hirons likens White Rabbit’s Comfort Cleansing Balm to the much more expensive Eve Lom high end cleanser which costs an eye watering £84 (yup thrift fans, you read that correctly). This beautiful treat for the skin, is made on our own fair isle in Scotland and comes in at £12 complete with deliciously soft flannel. This ‘tub of loveliness’ contains the likes of rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender and shea butter to form a dense balm which your massage into the skin before wiping off with a hot, soaked cloth.

PERFECT FOR: Anyone who enjoys skincare or someone who needs a relaxing treat each and every morning AKA everyone.

Prologue Wake Up Light

Know someone who struggles as these dark nights and dark mornings start to envelope us? Nab a Prologue Wake Up Light from Clas Ohlson to change the way they operate. I gave Mr Thrifty one of these bad boys for his birthday and he has found waking up a lot easier this winter. I’ll review it in full very soon but safe to say, if I feature it in a gift guide, I think it’s great.

PERFECT FOR: Early risers, students and lazy gits.

I love sewing print

There’s not a crafter in the land who won’t utterly adore this ‘I love sewing’ print with its gorgeous geometric pattern and happy colours it will inspire anyone who receives it to whip up a patchwork quilt immediately.

PERFECT FOR: Crafters, mum, aunty, students, vintage lover, art fans

 Heart and Arrow Earrings

Pick out a pair of matte silver heart and arrow earrings for just about any woman in your life and you’re pretty much guaranteed a happy face. These earrings are made by hand in the UK and are unique and sentimental enough to give to any person you love be that a lover, friend, mother or relative.

PERFECT FOR: A loved one.

Breville Hand Mixer
An essential piece of kit becomes a style must have with this perfect pistachio coloured hand mixer. Along with the colour, my favourite part of this mixer is the flat base meaning you can stand it upright  no mess mixing, baby.

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Personalised London Underground Sign

Anything personalised goes down a storm at Christmas and this personalised tube sign is sure to win even more fans! Made in England from 3mm laser cut perspex and vinyl detailing meaning it can be used both inside and outside. These beautiful, quirky and customisable signs can be made with the word of your choosing so you could easily opt for a tube station, a name, favourite place or anything you can think of. I adore the Thrifty Towers and it will take up residence in my new office as soon as it is ready.

PERFECT FOR: Dads, Anglophiles, London residents, bloggers and business owners

Floral Bunting

This beautifully made floral bunting (and it is seriously well made – I see a lot of bunting which looks pathetic and cheap in real life, this stuff is superbly made) makes for the perfect addition to any room. This list of recipients this would be perfect for is endless, so if you know someone with a kitsch or floral obsession, here’s your perfect present.

PERFECT FOR: Cath Kidston fans, baby’s room, vintage fans, brides to be, students and renters who are unable to put a decorative stamp on their home.

Nude Audio Portable Speaker

I featured one of these fantastic little speakers last year and I’m buying one this year as a much requested gift for a close friend. These dinky little speakers team up with your phone/computer/tablet etc. to give you up to eight hours of fantastic sound Plus they look pretty nifty too.

PERFECT FOR: Teens, music fans, students.

Vintage Milk Bottle Top and Viewmaster Print

These hand printed pieces hand printed pieces add amazing pops of colour and style to a home and they’re signed by the artist Patrick Edgeley to boot. The milk print would look fantastic in a gallery wall of prints in a kitchen and any vintage fan would welcome the Viewmaster print into their home with open arms. These prints come unframed however in my personal opinion they don’t need the addition of a frame to make a fantastic gift. Display with pride on a shelf.

PERFECT FOR: Art fans, cooking enthusiasts, mid-century lovers and photography/video fans.

Five button fabric necklace

A gorgeous necklace to treat your favourite friend or family member. Beautifully made with vintage fabric and antiqued bronze settings. This is a dangerous necklace because not only does this make a perfect gift but once it arrives you’ll be sorely tempted to put it away yourself. Proceed with caution.

PERFECT FOR: Your best friend, your mother, vintage fans and Cath Kidston fans. A huge thank you to all the crafts people who agreed to take part in this post and sent items to feature. Please support local and national businesses this Christmas.