Thrifty Facial Sunscreen

Thrifty Facial Sunscreen

For the longest time I’ve been looking for a  best moisturizer sunscreen lotion which I could slap on my face wear on a day to day basis without it causing my make up to slide down to my neck before 11am. My search has not always been successful and a lot of the time I’ll just slap on the regular old factor 60 and go without make up but sometimes, such as days I’m filming for work (or you know just when I want to) make up is a must. Before going on holiday back in April I bought this travel size Garnier highest SPF 50 BB Cream hoping it would cover all bases whilst on holiday, alas it was the worst thing I’d ever put near my face. After 2 days of 33c heat and bright white sunblock smeared around my face, I could be found in a Spanish supermarket hunting down something more suitable to slap on my pasty face. I stumbled upon Calypso Facial Sun with SPF 30 and as I’d seen this brands in shops at home I decided to give it a whirl and handed over my 4 Euros, mainly because it was the only organic facial sunscreen in the shop.

This stuff is cracking. I’ve been using a hefty amount on a daily basis shortly before applying my make up (and about 30 minutes before sun exposure) and my skin hasn’t broken out any more than it usually does and my make up has stayed put pretty much as long as it normally does too. Plus I haven’t burnt (and I burn very, very easily) or found my skin feeling tight and dry like it does when exposed to sun safe without any protection. The product does have a distinct suncream scent to it,and baby or kids also used it  you know what with it being suncream and all but once it is rubbed it the scent disappears. Thankfully it doesn’t leave a trace on clothes unlike a Nivea sunscreen which exploded and ruined one of my favourite dresses and a pair of wedges. Nor does it make my hair non greasy or crunchy if a little bit should stray too far which is always useful. I spotted Calypso products in budget stores like Home Bargain and even Aldi before my holiday and I’ve since seen noticed the brand in more and more shops after my return. The prices are brilliant and if the rest of their range is as good as the product I have tried I can’t wait to try them out. I can’t seem to find everything in their range online (I can actually only find this particular product in factor 15) so it is worth checking out local stores to see if you can track this and some of their other products down.

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Types of sunscreens 

  • Mineral sunscreen for face
  • Natural sunscreen for face
  • Drugstore sunscreen for face
  • Face sunscreen for oily skin
  • Sunscreen for face sensitive skin
  • Sunscreen for acne prone skin