Thrifty Christmas Decorations

Thrifty Christmas Decorations

Christmas, Christmas, Chrrrissstmaaaaaassss! Ever get the feeling I like Christmas a little bit too much? Shut your face, poppet! Here are some of the best (and some of them kitsch to boot) Christmas decorations at £5 or under out there right now.

Cheap Christmas Decorations 

Red Glittery Toadstools

Pack of 4 – 99p B&M

Do I really have to explain why I love these? Just look at them! Fantastically kitsch and just a little bit different to so many decorations you see each and every year.

Mini Glittery Baubles

Pack of 20 99p B&M

I love the colour selection of mint, pink and gold – they’re cheerful, bright and will look fab on a tiny tree or in bowls dotted about the coffee table.

Blue and Gold Baubles

£1.50 each Wilko

I absolutely adore these intricate and beautifully elegant blue and gold baubles from Wilko. They’re a great size and look a lot more expensive than they are. The look really great blended together or you could just opt for one or two as great statement pieces.

Blue and Silver Jingle Bell Baubles

Pack of 12 £1.49 B&M

These good sized, chunky blue and silver baubles were always coming home with me from the very first second I saw them. They give such a satisfying ring, it’s all I can do to hold myself back from attaching a few to the dog.

Kitsch Fawn Ornament

£1, Poundworld

If you’ve been reading A Thrifty Mrs for any length of time, you’ll know how much I love a good fawn so when I spotted this guy in Poundworld I did a not altogether quiet squeak. There’s glitter, there’s a scarf and it’s a free standing ornament which can herd my other woodland creatures into submission – SOLD!

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Handmade Christmas Pudding Ornament

£5, The Pigeon’s Nest

This handmade Christmas pudding is just about the nicest Christmas ornament I’ve seen this year. There’s something so lovely about a handmade piece and each year we commit to adding at least one piece to our Christmas collection. This pudding comes from the same talented lady who made these robins which went down such a storm after I featured them last year.

Let it Snow Hanging Sign

89p B&M

This hanging sign is headed straight for our living room window as I will snow to arrive in time for the festive season. These come in a variety of colours and with a choice of sayings and I believe they are £1.50 for two! I’ve filmed a little video featuring a pink Christmas tree, lots more (and different) decorations and hecka tinsel.