There is no such thing as a junk drawer…

There is no such thing as a junk drawer…

…not at Thrifty Towers anyway.
Most homes have a drawer where every single bit and bob is shoved and the occupants of said home have to rummage through it on a regular basis to find a pen when someone is on the phone rattling off important information. Why not spend half an hour this week reorganising that drawer so it makes sense and is a nicely organised hub of the home?

There’s much more room to go out and have fun if you’re spending less time hunting for everything you need.

This is the top drawer in a vintage chest of drawers, this one in fact, in our living room. It is the place I go for the things I need quickly and often. Most of the items do have other homes – pens in the office, phone charger in the bedroom etc. but these are their holiday homes and I don’t mind them being ‘misplaced’ here every now and then if I’ve sorted them out with a nice, organised place to sit.

I haven’t spent a fortune organising this drawer. Somethings are just piled on top of each other – like notepads or shopping list pads but it makes sense because like is kept with like. Other things are organised with charity shop finds, plastic trays I picked up in pound shops and in my trusty egg cartons which I blogged about earlier in the week.

The key really is, as I said above, keeping like with like and making sure they don’t go astray. So whilst the pens are kept in one spot I’ve also pulled elastic bands around different types of pens so it is always easy to find a biro, whiteboard pen or a marker without wasting time sifting through pens trying to find the one you’re looking for. Narrowing the search field just saves time and panic plus you can do the oh-so-organised-smug-faced dance.

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I’ve annotated the pictures over on flickr so if you click the image you should be taken to the page, then hover your mouse over the photograph and you should be able to read my notes and see what everything is. I hope you find that useful.

Do you have a junk or messy drawer? Do you dread opening it?


P.S. I’m vlogging every day in May and this was the first…it was erm drunken interesting.

P.P.S. I drew the winner of my book giveaway, you can find out who won here.

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