The Ultimate Home Inspection Checklist for your Dream House

The Ultimate Home Inspection Checklist for your Dream House

Are you planning to buy your dream house?  Well, let’s admit it, we all have a lot of expectations and ideas running in our mind on how you’d want your home to be. But before moving in, there are a lot more aspects that you need to consider which you usually tend to miss and realize later. 

Buying a house is a huge investment and one needs to be absolutely thorough about all the details about the house. In such situations, it would be always better to take professional advice for a smoother transition. There are a lot of risks that are associated while making the big move of buying your dream house. 

Before buying your new house you should check all aspects of the property like location, amenities, legal work, condition of the house, etc. so that you can live without any kind of trouble in your new house.

The best way to approach is to get your house inspected by professionals like Alpha building inspections to save you from any kind of loss financially and emotionally. 

 Home Inspection Checklist

Best Things To Check During Home Inspection

  1. Exteriors:

The exterior wall is a crucial part of your building’s foundation and gives a brief idea of how well the house is built. Always check if there are any cracks in the building. Water leakage can destroy the interiors of the house as well. Hence it would always be a safer option to get your house inspected for any such problems.

  1. Water flow

It is vital to examine the direction of rainwater flow. It can get collected leading to water logging the yard or the roof and ending up spoiling the whole house. It’s essential to get the drainage system checked off the whole house including the garden area. 

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    3. Ceilings:

Make sure that the ceiling is structurally stable. Also, keep in mind that there is no seepage through the ceiling.

  1. Radon testing

Radon is a colorless radioactive gas that can move from soil into your home. Long term exposure to radon gas can cause serious health hazards. Get your radon testing in Maine to prevent your loved ones from these serious health hazards.

  1. Electric Systems:

Check if the plugs have a proper socket or tripper connections. Check if there are no burn marks in the plug connections. Thoroughly inspect all electrical systems installed in the house to prevent any kind of mishap caused by electrical system failure.

  1. Septic systems: 

Examine the septic tanks thoroughly for signs of drainage issues. Look out for any kind of puddle formation or any kind of foul smell which points out issues with your septic system. 

  1. Washrooms:

Look out for any signs of sewage issues. You could do this by checking for any foul smell. In addition to this, check for any leakage in the pipes, taps or faucets.


All these essential areas must be thoroughly inspected in the property, Apart from these, home inspectors also examine the condition of garage, various doors, and windows, locks in the house, kitchen sink, chimney and lot of other places which usually get overlooked while buying a new property. 

Buying your dream house is an important step in your life and to prevent yourself from getting victimized from unscrupulous operators it is very crucial to get a quality house inspection so that you can become educated about the actual condition of your new house. A home inspection is an investment you will always cherish for a comfortable and hassle-free living experience.