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The economy has taken a major leap over a while. What can be considered a drop in the ocean has turned out to be the reason for its existence. We are learning and growing every day and the more we put our hard work in that direction the more we realize the use of money. We have evolved and learned that there are many smart and intelligent ways of using money, so many became great advisors. These are now being called industry and are constantly being referred to as the wealth management firms. They work for the benefit of ours and ensure that we live our lives in the smartest manner possible. 

Who needs the assistance of the financial? 

Everybody needs the assistance of a financial advisor. When we talk about everybody, we not only mean high-class people or people in business. We refer to the general middle-class, lower-class people as well who want to secure the lives of their coming generation. Indeed, financial assistance is highly required in a large organization. This is because large organizations are earning profits and income regularly and even a single rupee loss can cause a lot of damage to their organization, therefore, they need expert assistance to find the answer to some difficult situations. 

Not just that, regular people need assistance to have good savings and good returns because they need to secure their lives and that of their coming generation. An advisor can understand your situation and help you see the light even in the toughest financial situations and that is simply commendable. 

What are the signs of a good financial advisor? 

We understand that a lot of financial advisors out there are more money-minded. They barely care about your well-being as for them their primary need is the compensation and incentives that they receive but there are also many many great organizations and advisors who work for your benefit as well. Here are some tips on finding a top wealth management firm:

  • Almost anyone can call themselves financial advisors but we need to choose a type of them. There are 3 types of advisors: 

? Commission-based – they sell financial products for the sake of commission that they receive by selling the said products. These products include mutual funds, annuities, insurance. Etc. They hold a license for doing the said task.

? Fee-based – they hold a legal license that permits them to sell investments and insurance for commission. You can get confused as to what exactly makes them different. They are not only selling for commission but are also taking fees for financial advisory. These types of advisors are new in the market. 

? Fee-only – these are the advisors you need to go to if you are looking for comprehensive solutions or financial advice. The only way for them to make money is through flat fees or the hours spent or the percent of time and assistance provided. You get detailed solutions to all kinds of problems including estate, retirement, education, Etc. 

  • The next factor depends upon the kind of help or the amount of help you need. These are of following types: 
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? Hourly consultation – you get the limited time of consultation for a specific financial problem. 

? Comprehensive financial planning – if you need proper guidance over how to reach your financial goals or wish for them to look through everything then this is your answer.

? Asset management – if you are looking for long term assistance through someone who will invest and assist your asset management, then this is the solution. 

  • Next, you need to look for certain conditions that the advisor must meet: 

? Credentials – An advisor with proper licensing for doing the work you need is much needed. Else you might face a lot of troubles. 

? Ethics – Ethics is the moral ground that every individual must follow. The advisor should care about your requirements as much as the money that he gets out of you. 

? Experience – the longer the person has worked the more can he comprehend the ups and downs of the financial world and the better can he assist you. 

? Lastly and one of the most important factors is to ensure that you like and trust your advisor. You must have an understanding and a good relationship to get great results. 

  • Lastly, where do you find a good advisor? Many larger organizations and banking sectors have turned their heads in these directions and you can seek their approval and assistance whenever and wherever you need!

What are the top companies for wealth management? 

We need to look for companies that have experience and global recognition that allow them to make smart and pragmatic decisions for you. We do not want a stagnant flow of money rather we need growth and greater profits and one of the best methods of doing that is to get the assistance of some of the best and renowned specialists in this particular field. Here are some of the top global wealth management and advisory companies in the world for 2020 according to reliable research made: 

  • Bank of America private bank
  • Morgan Stanley’s private wealth management group
  • UBS wealth management 
  • Credit Suisse 
  • JP Morgan Private Bank 
  • Citi Private Bank 
  • BNP Paribas Wealth Management 
  • Private Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs
  • Wealth Management at Julius Baer
  • Deutsch Bank Wealth Management 

Who are the top wealth managers? 

If you are keen on seeking some of the top wealth managers’ assistance, here is a list of 5 biggest wealth managers in the world:

  • Wells Fargo 
  • Pictet
  • Citi
  • UBS 
  • Credit Suisse 

The largest of all wealth managers controlled about 22.2 trillion dollars at the end of last year thus making the entire industry a huge success! 


Handling financials is not an easy task and you need great experience and strong assistance to make rational decisions for you as such we believe that seeking the assistance of strong-witted professionals comes handy for you! 


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