The Three Minute Rule

The Three Minute Rule

I’m often emailed by readers asking about organisation and what my number one tip to an organised life would be. Now, let me be straight with you, I’m not a naturally organised or tidy person but I do find myself getting frustrated, upset and angry not to mention wasting a lot of time wading through crap if I don’t force myself to stay organised, so that is just what I do – force myself to stay organised.

The Three Minute Cleaning Rule

The number one organising and cleaning rule at Thrifty Towers is The Three Minute Rule. Whilst watching the television the very second an ad break comes on, forget making that cuppa, flicking through the TV planner, or even pausing it –  get off your backside and ‘do.’

In Three Minutes you Can Easily –

* Empty and re-line the bins in bathrooms and bedrooms
* Put dishes away
* Hang up jackets
* Stuff some washing in the machine and turn it on
* Open the windows and let some air in
* Go through the newspapers and magazines in your magazine rack and sort out what needs to be tossed.
* Write a short shopping list
* Clean the loo
* Clear out any stinky food from your fridge
* Wipe down your kettle and toaster
* Take all of your sofa covers off and chuck them in the washing machine
* Water some plants (turn them around too)
* Change the bulb that popped in those fairy lights a year ago
* Wipe down and shine a mirror
* Empty the filter on your washing machine (although if you haven’t previously done it, the first time will take a while as I imagine it will be quite full.)
* Label each plug on a multi plug
*Beat the dust out of your rugs.

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Working under a smidgen of pressure suits me and knowing I’m using that ‘dead time’ to get dead dull tasks done makes me feel good.If you’re a telly addict in need of organisation pledge to get off your bum during ad breaks.You might also find useful:Cleaning with bicarbonate of sodaCleaning with vinegarTTFN, P.S. You can pin or share any image on A Thrifty Mrs simply by hovering your mouse over image and clicking one of the handy options which pops up. Thanks