The Tale Of A Small Boy, An Orange And Comfort Intense Fresh Sky | Sponsored Post

The Tale Of A Small Boy, An Orange And Comfort Intense Fresh Sky | Sponsored Post

If you allow a small boy into your home, prepare for destruction. The destruction delivered by this particular 17 month old came on Friday, 3 hours before guest arrived, in the form of a orange having an up close and personal meeting with my white-ish sofa. We’ll call this moment in time orangemagadon. Time stood still, clouds darkened and well…you get the orange scented and coloured picture. Actually, who knew the juice inside an orange was so bountiful? How could there be so much and how could one small human being essentially coat his whole body (specifically, how, HOW, did he get in on the back of his neck and every one of his toes, how?) and three sofa covers in the juice of one small orange without seemingly having developed the skills to peel said orange. I suspect the dog may have been involved in this somewhere a long the line and the pair of them had been planning this for quite some time. Thankfully, said sofa has removable covers. So off the covers went into the washing machine for a good clean and whilst I was at it, I popped in a small capful of Comfort Intense Fresh Sky (the blue bottle).

As you’ll remember from this post, I have been giving Comfort Intense* a whirl and one of the best parts of this product is the lasting power of the intense freshness. This fabric conditioner is designed to give intense freshness, for longer, whilst using a smaller dose. The ultra concentrated formula means you’ll get 64 washes from a large bottle, pictured (960ml) and 38 from the smaller (570ml) bottle. The lid has a nifty dosage dispenser and the packaging shows how much product to use depending on the size of your load. So for a 4-5kg load you use only 15ml and for a 6-7kg load just 32ml. The intense, lasting freshness of these fragrances means you don’t have to pour in half a bottle for the scents to be detectable.I opened the washing machine door and BAM Fresh Sky, hiya, how are doing? This particular fragrance smells exactly like washing which has been line dried on a blustery, fresh day but y’know without the need for a blustery, fresh day. It smells fresh and crisp the second you open the washing machine door and because of the freshness boosters continues to smell that way once dried, ironed, put away in a cupboard and in this case back on the sofa. Said sofa is a bit of a relic now and in fact was badly damaged during our renovation but our budget and the sensible side of our brains says “no new sofa until the side extension is sorted.”

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In a way (a really weird way) I was kind of glad orangemagadon happened because it forced me to wash the sofa covers which made all of downstairs smell super fresh and clean without much effort at all, just before a small army of friends came to stay and took up residence on said sofa for the weekend. So basically I got away with leaving the vacuum cleaner and squirty stuff in the cupboard because everything smelt fresh and clean.
I can get onboard with this!The weekend was a hectic blur of guests, friends, babies, prossecco, pooches, pizza and what feels like half of the Peak District trodden in the length of the house from the front door all the way through to the back. I now have a pile of ironing in need of some attention, a sink full of “soaking” dishes, wells coated, thick with mud but I’m just going to *ahem* close the kitchen door and revel in the fact that my house smells like the whole place has been drying outside on a blustery, fresh day without me having to do very much at all.

Thanks Orangemagadon, Thank You Very Much.

Comfort Intense is a new fabric conditioner from the UK’s number 1  fabric conditioner brand. This next generation fabric conditioner is specially formulated to give you intense freshness out of the wash, intense freshness out of the wardrobe and intense freshness that lasts and lasts. From one tiny dose!